Criminal Case of Takhi – threats to investigator and court’s decision

Criminal Case of Takhi – threats to investigator and court’s decision
Georgy Uglava, also known as Takhi

Thief within the law Georgy Uglava, also known in criminal circles as Takhi, received a court’s decision in one of the cases against him. As the CrimeRussia learned, shortly before, the Central District Court of Chita city has adjudged Uglava guilty of murder threat to investigator and sentenced him to a fine of 120 thousands rubles.

Media service of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office told the CrimeRussia that during the hearing, where question of pre-trial restrictions against the thief within the law was reviewed, he started to shout, run around his cage and threaten to strangle the investigator on major cases of the Investigative Office of Investigative Administration of Administration of Internal Affairs in Russia in the Zabaikal Region.

Due tohis disorderly behaviour, the judge had to expel the defendant from the courtroom. Taking into account Takha’s reputation, the investigator took the Uglava’s threat seriously. Thus Takha’s criminal luggage was replenished by another criminal case.

At the moment, the thief in law is held in a remand prison of Zabaikal correctional colony №2 under accusation in extortion. He was detained in Moscow in winter 2015. Back then officers of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department busted a criminal meeting in a restaurant, where among others was Uglava and thief within the law Kakha Parpalia (Kakha Galsky). The latter did not have any specifical problems during the meeting with the servicemen. While Uglava  was detained under a criminal case over extortion of 400 thousands rubles form the Chita citizen, which happened in 2007. Besides that, law enforcers stated that the thief within the law was leading a big criminal grouping, which have existed in Zabaikalie for many years. However, no official accusations of this particular account have occurred in the court against Uglava. 



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