Crime lord shot in Sol-Iletsk during shootout at restaurant 

Crime lord shot in Sol-Iletsk during shootout at restaurant
Still from video

A National Guard squad has been sent to the city to support the police.

In the Orenburg region in the city of Sol-Iletsk a shooting attack occurred, as a result of which a man was killed. The crime was committed near the restaurant Zodiak and fell into the lens of a surveillance camera. The footage shows how two men go to the parking lot at an entertainment venue. Apparently, the attackers were already waiting for them in two cars. While one of them gets into the car, another person is attacked by several masked men, shooting him point-blank. His buddy manages to escape.

The victim died in the hospital, it is known that this is a 30-year-old resident of Sol-Iletsk. According to, the murdered was a local crime lord. TV channel REN TV reports that the name of the deceased is Nariman Zhumagaziev.

A criminal case under Murder has been initiated. Rosgvardia squad was sent to the city to strengthen the police. Investigators and police continue to search for the criminals.



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