Crime lord Shishkan pays for seats for officials in Chekhov administration from mafia fund

Crime lord Shishkan pays for seats for officials in Chekhov administration from mafia fund

The news was told by a secret witness in the case of special lands fraud.

A secret witness in the case of t special lands fraud in the Chekhov district of the Moscow region spoke about the role played by Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan) in the scheme. The thief in law is accused of occupying a powerful position in the criminal hierarchy (Art. 210.1 of the Criminal Code), RBC said.

The witness is mentioned as “Apraksin”, which is a fictitious name. According to him, he was close to the senior officials of the Chekhov district administration and knew of its interaction with criminal elements.

According to the witness, Yulia Ivanova, who was the deputy of Anna Khaibullina, the head of Ramenskaya cadastral chamber, was introduced to entrepreneur Nikolai Pavlinov (arrested as the key person involved in the land fraud) on the recommendation of the thief in law. Apraksin said that the money paid to Ivanova for the approval of the candidacy came from the cash fund of the mafia.

“Anna Khaibullina was put in office by the Ramenskaya gang to carry out illegal actions associated with land plots in the Ramensky District,” the case file reads.


Nikolai Pavlinov

She introduced Ivanova to Pavlinov in the Vityaz ice palace in Chekhov, where Pavlinov’s office was. The classified witness revealed the details adding that Pavlinov's assistant Oleg Strekalov (now wanted) was also present at the meeting. After the meeting, Ivanova headed the cadastral chamber of the Chekhov district, and then became deputy head of the tax inspectorate.


Oleg Strekalov

It was through her that Strekalov and his accomplices did their illegal paperwork, on the basis of which cadastral procedures were carried out, the investigators believe. Ivanova was also responsible for ensuring that the Cadastral Chamber agreed on all land transfers.



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