Crime lord Lasha Rustavsky accused Thessaloniki court chairman of "bias" 

Crime lord Lasha Rustavsky accused Thessaloniki court chairman of "bias"
Detention of Lasha Shushanashvili in Thessaloniki

The hearing of a Greek court in the case of Lasha Shushanashvili fell through for the third time. The lawyers of the "boss of the Georgian mafia" demanded to replace the judiciary.

The session of the Court of Appeal of the city of Thessaloniki in the case of "the boss of the Georgian mafia in Europe No. 1" Lasha Shushanashvili was canceled on May 14 for the third time in a row, Greek publication Voria reports.

The lawyers of 57-year-old Shushanashvili, accused of running an international criminal syndicate, demanded the cancellation of the court session due to "unsatisfactory judicial staff."

This happened after the defense of Shushanashvili, at the request of their client, demanded the replacement of the court Chairman in connection with his "bias." The court rejected the claim of the crime lord’s lawyers, but they gained time. As a result, the trial in the case of Lasha Shushanashvili was postponed to May 24, 2018. Thus, the court session, which was to be held on May 14, was the third in a row postponed for various reasons associated with the accused.

On April 24, the court session in Shushanashvili's case did not take place, as the thief in law was hospitalized in Papageorgiou hospital in Thessaloniki right from the courtroom. Shushanashvili complained of sudden severe pain in the area of the heart and numbness of the face (several years ago Shushanashvili suffered a stroke). At first, lawyers Paraskevas Spiratos and Yannis Lavrentiadis insisted on postponing the hearing, since the key prosecution’s witness - the former prosecutor of Spain, did not appear in court. However, when the court rejected their request, Lasha Rustavsky suddenly became ill. Shortly after the hospitalization, Shushanashvili was discharged back to the preliminary investigation prison in Diavat, but on May 2, on the day the court session was scheduled for, the situation repeated. That time, there was not even time to bring the crime boss to court, he was hospitalized from custody.


Hospitalization of Lasha Shushanashvili from the court

To recap, the thief in law, known in the criminal world as Lasha Rustavsky, was arrested in Thessaloniki in mid-April during a joint operation of law enforcement agencies of Greece and France dubbed Caucase Normandi. A total of about 40 migrants from Georgia were detained in two European countries, including four thieves in law.

Shushanashvili is accused of leading a criminal community, complicit in burglary, money laundering, attempted murder and other crimes committed throughout Europe. France, at the request of which Shushanashvili was arrested through Interpol, demands extradition of the crime lord, but earlier Spain had been unsuccessfully seeking the same from Greece for several years. Eventually, Shushanashvili was sentenced to 14 years in prison in Greece, but after two and a half of them was released on health grounds.



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