Crime lord Karlo Chkhikvadze’s 'uncrowned' accessory seeks release on parole 

Crime lord Karlo Chkhikvadze’s 'uncrowned' accessory seeks release on parole
Karlo Chkhikvadze, also known as Kakha Chokhataursky

A member of Karlo Chkhikvadze’s gang, who was crowned in prison in 2013 and almost immediately uncrowned, is asking court to commute his sentence. In 2006, evading a chase, the gang got into several shootouts with Russian MIA officers. Vashakmadze 'lost his crown' after he, Otari Kublashvili, and Sulkhan Mzhaviya insulted Giya Sverdlovsky.

The Sovetsky District Court of Omsk is revising the case of Moscow gang member Georgy Vashakmadze (also known as Giya Samtredsky). He had been convicted of robbery and participation in a gang, and was sentenced to 15 years in special-security prison. Now, he is asking to be released on parole. Vashakmadze is serving his sentence in the correctional camp No. 7 (IK-7) in the Omsk region.

Vashakmadze served 9 years out of his sentence. He does not owe anything to the victims, according to the Omsk Federal TV Channel. The court’s ruling will be significantly influenced by his behavior during his time in prison.


38-year-old Georgy Vashakmadze was crowned alongside with Otari Kublashvili aka Otari Krasnodarsky, and Sulkhan Mzhaviya, also known as Zhora Kutaissky, in the Murmansk correctional camp No. 16 (IK-16) in 2013. His crowning was supported by crime lords Taro Oniani and Merab Dzhangveladze. However, the three men were uncrowned following a decision signed by a group of influential crime lords in March 2013. Some of the crime lords included Roland Gegechkori aka Roland Shlyapa, Stepan Furman aka Stepa Murmansky, Mamuka Chkadua aka Mamuka Galsky, Merab Pipiya aka Merab Sukhumsky, Gela and Gizo Kardava, Ali Geydarov aka Albert Ryzy, Aleksey Zabavin aka Zabava, Oleg Pirogov aka Tsirkach, Temuri Merzoev aka Timur Sverdlovsky, Aleksey Gudyna aka Lekha Irkutsky, Yury Pichugin aka Pichuga, and others. They were uncrowned due to a conflict with Ded Khasan's grandnephew Georgy Akoev, also known as Giya Sverdlovsky.
Giya Sverdlovsky

In 2008, the Moscow City Court sentenced crime lord Karlo Chkhikvadze and his accessory Georgy Vashakmadze to 18 and 15 years, respectively. Both were convicted of participation in gang, gang robberies, attempted murder, and attempted murder of a police officer.


Robert Kalandadze aka Robert, Dzhemal Khachidze aka Dzhemal Suramsky, Zakhary Kalashov aka Shakro Molodoy, Valery Dlugach aka Globus, and some other crowned 50-year-old Karlo Chkhikvadze in Moscow in 1992. Chkhikvadze is currently serving his prison sentence.

The gang is responsible for several crimes. However, the most high-profile one was a robbery in October of 2006. The gang committed the robbery on a tip-off. They were armed with an assault rifle and a pistol. The gang ambushed an entrepreneur next to a Vneshtorgbank Bank office on the Plushchika Street. The entrepreneur was going to deposit 8 million rubles ($139 thousand) and $10 thousand. They tried to flee after they took away his briefcase with money. However, the police was already informed about the robbery. гия.jpg

Police Station No.135 officers were the first to catch up with the gang members near the Luzhniki Stadium, according to Kommersant's 2009 report. A shootout broke out; the gang members managed to flee. Other police officers caught up with them at the Novoluzhnetsky Alley, but they managed to flee once again after another shootout. They got into the third shootout with the police on the Bolshaya Pirogovskaya Street. The police shot their Niva’s tires and killed Bezhan Gogadze. Chkhikvadze and Vashakmadze split and fled to backyards firing at the police. The police found all the money in the abandoned Niva.

The police used the killed gang member’s ties to quickly establish his accessories. They were later identified by victims of other robberies they had committed. Kakha Chokhataursky was caught first. He was arrested in a rented Moscow apartment in December of 2006. Vashakmadze was arrested in Zheleznogorsk, the Kursk region a year later. The defendants pleaded not guilty. However, court found them guilty.



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