Crime lord Guli’s girlfriend poses wearing low-cut dress

Crime lord Guli’s girlfriend poses wearing low-cut dress
Afaq Aslan

The songstress swept her Instagram followers off their feet once again.

The Azerbaijani singer Afaq Aslan, who keeps hinting at her close affiliation with the well-known thief in law Nadir Salifov (Guli), is on the spotlight again. She posted a new photo on Instagram rocking a very low-cut dress. The pictures show that she was also wearing it while posing for the journalists of an Azerbaijani TV channel.

Previously, an array of photographs depicted Afaq Aslan’s birthday party. Heart-shaped bouquets of white and red roses, a cake with her portrait, a photo shoot in an evening gown in flower petals and finally a party in a Baku restaurant with a beautiful view on the city. The followers commented and liked the posts enthusiastically.

Фотосессия Афаг Аслан

The rumors about the Guli’s relations with the Azerbaijani singer, who has recently become famous in Turkey, started in early June. According to the Azerbaijani media, Afaq Aslan was seen in Guli’s company in a few of Istanbul restaurants. The celebrity posted a romantic card that said "A + N", which stood, apparently, for "Afaq + Nadir".

Earlier, the singer had often mentioned that her sweetheart lived in Turkey (Guli had a house there before his recent departure to the UAE). In an interview with the Sputnik-Azerbaijan, she did not openly confirm or deny her relationship with the thief in law, and only said: "a crime lord has a heart, too".



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