Crime lord Akhmed Sutuly tells journalists drugs were planted on him 

Crime lord Akhmed Sutuly tells journalists drugs were planted on him
Crime lord Akhmed Evloev aka Sutuly

Ingush crime lord Akhmed Evloev (Dulat Yolu) acted in a manner unusual for crime lords, proving his controversial reputation yet again.

Evloev was released from Moscow pre-trial detention center Medved (‘Bear’) No.4 on January 18. He had not been charged, and the police could no longer detain him. He remained a suspect in a drug investigation that had landed him behind bars a year ago. Evloev did not show up to a court hearing in April 2018. Afterward, he met with NTV сhannel’s CHP TV program journalists instead.

He did not have to attend the preliminary hearing personally, so he left it to his attorneys whom he trusts, Evloev said. Evloev claimed he is not trying to hide; he is just too busy. He told NTV journalists someone had planted the drugs which police found him with on January 18, 2017.

“I don’t know who was interested in getting me arrested for the drugs. This is Gleb Zheglov’s game (a reference to a USSR movie, translator's note),” Evloev expressed his opinion of the investigation against him.

Video: Episode of CHP TV Program Broadcasted on April 11, 2018

To recall, the police frisked Evloev in the Chaykhana Al-Halal restaurant in January 2017. They found a bag of synthetic cannabinoids and arrested him. He faced up to 10 years in prison. On January 19, the Gagarinsky District Court of Moscow ordered him to jail until March 1. His detention was later extended several times.

45-year-old Evloev ended up spending a year in jail. The police failed to press charges against him during this time. The police suspected it could be due to corruption and are expecting Evloev will flee abroad soon, as The CrimeRussia reported earlier.

Let us remind you that Evloev first lost his status of a crime lord when in the Matrosskaya Tishina jail in 2009. Evloev supported clans of Merab Dzhangveladze aka Merab Sukhumsky and Tariel Oniani aka Taro. Many crime lords, including Shakro Molodoy, suspected him of contract hits and cooperating with the police. However, crime lord Sergey Asatryan aka Osetrina Junior aka Serega Bentley supported Evloev when the latter was sent to the Butyrskaya jail in 2017 (the former was there, too).

Osetrina Junior and Akhmed Sutuly in jail

Osetrina Junior and Akhmed Sutuly in jail

Asatryan spread the word about supporting Evloev’s status of a crime lord, as The CrimeRussia previously reported. However, Evloev beat Dato’s henchman soon afterwards; the henchman voiced what Lasha Shushanashvili aka Lasha Rustavsky thought of Lasha Barateli. The opinion in question was negative.

Lasha Shushanashvili’s crime lords met in Greece and decided Evloev was not deserving of his status in April 2017. Also, they decided Asatryan was not worthy of his status either due to his support for Evloev who had gotten into the fight with Dato’s henchman. Asatryan later tried to excuse himself by claiming he did not know about Evloev’s controversial standing.

Video: Police Arrests Akhmed Sutuly for Possession of Synthetic Cannabinoids in Moscow Restaurant 



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