Crime boss Takhir banished from Ukraine

Crime boss Takhir banished from Ukraine
Expultion of Takhir Photo: Press service of the Khmelnitsky police

He is forbidden to enter country for 3 years.

The Khmelnitsky police, together with the migration service, detained and expelled the crime boss  nicknamed Takhir. Previously, he was convicted of a number of grave and especially grave crimes, including premeditated murder out of mercenary motives as part of an organized criminal group in 2007.

It is noted that the 31-year-old Takhir is a citizen of a neighboring state.

The security officials considered that after the release Takhir would continue his criminal activity and decided to check it.

“In this regard, law enforcement agencies have decided to forcibly return the person to his home country. In addition, according to the decision of the State Migration Service of Ukraine (UDMS) of the Khmelnitsky region, a ban on further entry into Ukraine for a period of 3 years was applied to the expelled criminal,” the police's report says.

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