Court leaves mafia boss Gleb Ivanovsky in custody

Court leaves mafia boss Gleb Ivanovsky in custody
Gleb Ivanovsky with ‘colleagues’

Gleb Ashumov was detained on August 29 in the Rostov Region for evading administrative supervision. He tried to fly to Ukraine.

The Kineshma City Court left the mafia boss Gleb Ashumov (Gleb Ivanovsky), who is accused of evading administrative supervision (part 1 of Article 314.1 CCRF) in custody. The court considered that “the public interest is predominant in relation to Ashumov’s interests, so more loyal procedural measures will be ineffective.”

Ashumov was detained in the Rostov Region on August 29 while trying to fly out of the Platov airport to Ukraine. He was placed under administrative supervision after leaving the colony in April 2018. The kingpin was serving his term for drugs. Previously, he was convicted of several serious crimes, including murder.

Gleb Ivanovsky was ‘crowned’ in September 2013 in Turkey by the Georgian thieves in law from among the supporters of Tarot and Merab Jangveladze. His ‘coronation’ was undertaken in opposition to the only Ivanovo mafia boss Ruben Kosyan.

After being detained in 2015, Ashumov was taken to the Butyrka pre-trial detention center. The prisoners in the detention center refused to recognize his status in the underworld. Later, when the convict was taken to serve his sentence to the Pskov Region, Merab Jangveladze confirmed his authority by telephone.

Ashumov was released in April of this year. After leaving the penal colony, administrative supervision was imposed on him. From the first days, he began to violate it and then finally disappeared from the law enforcement. The kingpin was forced to leave the Ivanovo Region, fearing reprisals from Kosyan, who is known for his intolerance towards titled competitors on his territory.

Ruben Kosyan was also arrested in 2015 for drug possession. In June 2018, he was released and returned to the Ivanovo Region.



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