Court deprived Merab Sukhumsky of Russian citizenship

Court deprived Merab Sukhumsky of Russian citizenship
Merab Jangveladze and Tariel Oniani, 1998, France

The thief in law received Russian citizenship by falsifying documents, the court ruled.

The Zamoskvoretskiy court of Moscow deprived the thief in law Merab Jangveladze, known in the criminal world as Merab Sukhumsky, of Russian citizenship, the press service of the Interior Ministry reported.

It is reported that the CID MIA in cooperation with the CMD MIA presented to the district court a proof of the Jangveladze's Russian citizenship purchase on false papers. The Zamoskvoretskiy court brought the verdict on cancellation of the decision to grant Jangveladze with Russian citizenship on the basis of evidence.

Recall that Russian law enforcement officers visited the famous thief in law Merab Jangveladze, who is placed under house arrest in Italy, and read off the ruling that his presence on the Russian Federation territory is undesirable. Law enforcement officials warned Jangveladze that attempts to cross the Russian border will end up with criminal prosecution.

The famous thief in law Merab Jangveladze is placed under house arrest in the Italian city of Bari. In 2013 Merab Sukhumsky was sentenced to 4 years and 8 months in prison for the organization of burglary, extortion, money laundering and forgery. The Italian law guarantees a prisoner early release after serving half the term if he is not convicted on a grave article.

Law enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan are waiting for the expiration of the Jangveladze Italian term, because there he is charged with creating a criminal association. According to Kazakh law, he may face the imprisonment up to 20 years. It was reported that Kazakhstan has composed an extradition request.



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