“Coronation,” pool with “thieves’ star,” and control over companies: some details sounded at Shishkan’s bail hearing

“Coronation,” pool with “thieves’ star,” and control over companies: some details sounded at Shishkan’s bail hearing

Unknown details of the life of an influential kingpin.

Curious details of the life of Oleg Medvedev (Shishkanov), a mafia boss who was detained yesterday, were sounded at the court session, where a measure of restraint in his respect was deiced. For example, an investigator said that the pool in Medvedev’s mansion is decorated a “thieves’ star.” However, Shishkan himself called the symbol “an ordinary wind rose.”

At the hearing, the investigator reported that in 1982, the 17-year-old Shishkanov received ten years in prison under the verdict of the Zhukovsky City Court. During his imprisonment, the young man, “through other convicts got an idea of ​​the criminal hierarchy, that is, the system of connections of persons who share the values ​​of the thieves’ culture, and wanted to receive a higher position in it.” In addition, the investigator said how Shishkanov was “crowned.” According to him, a year after his release, he organized a meeting with people in the Izmailovo hotel complex who held a high position in the underworld and had the influence that allowed them to “crown” other criminals. At this meeting, Shishkanov passed a kind of exam on “knowledge of the rules and traditions of the criminal environment,” confirmed his ability to coordinate people, build connections and resolve conflicts, the investigator said.

According to the investigators, the “thief-in-law,”, has been coordinating the activities of various criminal groups in the Moscow Region since 1992, creates and maintains a connection between them, participates in the division of spheres of criminal influence and criminal proceeds, creates conditions for committing crimes. In addition, Shishkan contributed to the convergence of interests of criminals and officials in government.

The investigation has information that the mafia boss and his henchmen make profits from organization of gambling, extortion, fraud, organization of prostitution and drug trafficking. Such companies as Zorka, Yarmarka, Okean, Finkonsalt, Clean City, Plus Management Company, Dilizhans, Dorstroysintez, and Ramensky GOK came under their control.

It is to be recalled that Shishkan was detained yesterday. He is charged with occupying a higher position in the criminal hierarchy.



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