Convicted thief Aziz holding gatherings in Grozny's centre  

Convicted thief Aziz holding gatherings in Grozny's centre
Aziz Batukaev (in the center)

Formally Aziz Batukayev is in custody.

Convicted for illegal possession of weapons thief in law Aziz Batukaev, known under the nickname Aziz, is formally in the Chechen colony, but in fact strolls at large, the sources say. According to some reports, Batukayev feels so free in Chechnya that he arranges 'gatherings' in the center of Grozny. Several years ago he even 'crowned' his Kyrgyz successor Mursalym Umyrzakov (Karyshkyr).

To provide Aziz with comfortable conditions for his activities considerable efforts were made. In August 2006 Batukaev was sentenced by the Alamudunsky District Court of Bishkek to 16 years and 8 months in a strict regime colony. However, in 2013 he was released from the place of detention on parole in connection with allegedly found deadly diseases. In April 2013, the Narynsky City Court released the thief in law, so that he could die in his homeland - in Chechnya. The thief, according to the Kyrgyz media, was brought home on the plane of a very famous Chechen figure.


Aziz on the day of release from prison at Manas airport (Bishkek)

However, after Batukayev left Kyrgyzstan, it turned out that the results of the medical examination provided to the court were false. In March 2014 the Bishkek court declared the criminal wanted through the Interpol line. In order to save Aziz from extradition to Kyrgyzstan, Chechen security officials brought a criminal case against him on the storage of weapons and even sentenced him to 3 years in prison. Officially, Batukayev is listed as a prisoner of Chernokozovo correctional colony-2. The thief in law is supposed to finish serving his sentence by September 2017. Despite the soon official release the Kyrgyz authorities should not count on a positive decision on his extradition.

Earlier, The CrimeRussia wrote that the authorities of Chechnya also provide an unprecedented support to thief in law Gilani Aliyev (Gilani Sedoy). It became known that the Supreme Court of the republic freed Aliev from punishment for the contract killing of an Armenian businessman in the Czech Republic. Thus, the Chechen court overturned the ruling of the Prague City Court, which sentenced Gilani Sedoy to 18 years in the colony.


Aziz, Khuseyn Slepoy and company (April 2017, Chechnya)

Meanwhile, the head of the republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, stresses whenever possible that Chechnya is an absolutely democratic Republic.

"The law rules in Chechnya. Those who violate it are liable for it according to the law", Kadyrov said, commenting on the criminal prosecution of MMA fighter Murad Amriev, who fled the republic several years ago because of torture by Chechen security officials.



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