Chita: Takha’s ‘alpha dog’ gets 15 years

Chita: Takha’s ‘alpha dog’ gets 15 years
Nikolay Buglak (second from the left)

Court concluded that Nikolay Buglak had supervised a gang of car thieves.

Chita’s court has delivered its sentence towards Nikolay Buglak, an ‘alpha dog’ of a ‘thief in law’ Takha.

He was arrested in February, 2015. He is going to spend 15 years in a strict regime colony.

The investigation determined that during 2006-2009, 56-year-old Buglak had supervised a gang of car thieves. The criminals stole cars and then demanded a ransom from their owners. They stole 71 cars this way. However, in 2006-2009, there were 10-12 cars stolen a day in Chita.

Besides Buglak, three other members of the gang were convicted. Almost all victims initiated civil claims in the case.

The CrimeRussia earlier reported that Buglak - after his confessions with the investigators - started receiving threats from a leader of a gang Osinovskiye Dmitry Vedernikov (aka Vedera). Buglak stated that he feared for his life and lives of members of his family.

Buglak earlier asked law enforcement to open a criminal case under article 199 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation against (Murder threat) Vedera.



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