Chelyabinsk kingpin Morozov accuses FSB of beating him 

Chelyabinsk kingpin Morozov accuses FSB of beating him
Alexander Morozov

In Zlatoust, FSB officers detained a Chelyabinsk kingpin, the leader of the Morozov-Zlatoust brotherhood, Alexander Morozov. He claimed he had been beaten and demanded to initiate criminal proceedings.

FSB officers had beaten the Chelyabinsk kingpin Alexander Morozov during the arrest, the head of the Morozov-Zlatoust brotherhood write on his VKontakte page. Morozov said that the security services raided the homes of the brotherhood members, seized the organization's charter, hard drives, flash drives and a laptop, as well as claims and lawsuits against salesmen who violate consumer rights.

The criminal authority claims that he was detained on the morning of July 13. As Morozov was leaving the house, three armed FSB officers in uniforms broke into his apartment. The head and five other members of the brotherhood were taken to the city’s Federal Security Service Directorate, where they were denied calls to their lawyers. The reasons for the detention also were not explained to them.

Once the kingpin was released, he went to the prosecutor's office to record the beatings and write a complaint against the FSB employees. In a statement Morozov accused the special services of abuse of power, assault and violating the constitutional rights, asking to launch a criminal charge against them. The kingpin also demanded to identify the person, who spread the information about the illegal activities of the brotherhood.


Morozov explained that the security officials openly stated that the searches are conducted in revenge for the brotherhood’s human rights activities, namely for protection of consumer rights. The kingpin attached a record of the received beatings alongside the complaint.  

FSB representatives did not comment on the case, saying only that they were carrying out an investigation into the events described in the statement.

As a reminder, Alexander Morozov was recently released from prison after serving a 19-year term. Former boxer Morozov gathered a gang of athletes who engaged in racketeering, raiding, fraud and murder.

Morozov also tried to become a politician. After losing the election for the post of head of Zlatoust, the criminal and his assistants captured the city administration building. Thus Morozov attempted to dismiss the elected mayor from his office.

In 1997, the failed politician was arrested for illegal possession of weapons. In 1999, new details were revealed, and Morozov was accused of organizing a crime group, murders and robbery. In 2001, the court sentenced the kingpin to 18 years of imprisonment for the totality of crimes committed. Later the term was extended for fraud and beating a cellmate.



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