Chelyabinsk kingpin featured in Esquire - "If he will show off, he will be whacked"

Chelyabinsk kingpin featured in Esquire - "If he will show off, he will be whacked"
Alexander Morozov

One of the most dangerous criminals of the Chelyabinsk Region in the end of 90s, an ex-member of the regional Legislative Assembly Alexander Morozov, who had served 20 years and recently got liberty, was featured in a large article of the Esquire magazine.

In all the years spent in prison for kidnapping, murder and extortion, Morozov did not lose his aspiration to power, Esquire wrote.

The article tells us how Morozov became a kingpin and created an organized crime group in his native city of Zlatoust: how he entered the Kazak Uralsky distillery; how his henchmen killed partners and people, who interfered with his business; how Morozov acquired political ambitions and participated in the Zlatoust mayoral election and the election for a place in the Legislative Assembly of the region. The article also contains information about his friendship with a singer Iosif Kobzon and how the Russian artist was trying to help Morozov during the criminal investigation.

"An organized crime group is our Russian version of a knightly order, with its charter, domestic economy and concepts of honor and dignity," Morozov told in an interview.

Nowadays, acquaintances and friends of Alexander Morozov rarely talk to him. "Those, who hit the bricks in the 90s, are now getting out and trying to look for their place in this world. If Sasha will not... (‘show off’ - Esquire), will not try to rewind the time, to review the results, he shall live. If not, he will be whacked. All the usual outcomes - "bathed in the wrong place," "was hit by a car," or "accidentally hanged himself." Been there – done that. My prediction is that six months later Morozov will come to a standstill. While he searched for enlightenment in his monastery, we went into the darkness, we are now in another dimension and time. He has no friends left, because for them he is a living and unpleasant reminder of that time. Here in Ural we have come to a consensus regarding the 90s. Those who were without sin, have long been stoned. Surely, a pity, but they cannot be brought back. While sinners, of course, survived, but they can be spared - they went through the purgatory of the 90s, and that alone deserves, if not absolution, then at least forgiveness," one of Morozov’s friends said.

It should be noted that after his release, Alexander Morozov created the Morozov-Zlatoust brotherhood, his supporters have filed documents to the Electoral Commission for the election to the State Duma. This week Morozov reported that members of the Federal Security Service in the Chelyabinsk Region had searched his home, as well as the apartments of other brotherhood members. The security agents seized the corporate charter, hard drives, flash drives and a laptop, as well as claims and lawsuits against salesmen, who violated consumer rights. Moreover, Morozov stated that he had been beaten and demanded to initiate criminal proceedings against those, who had carried out the investigative measures.



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