Chelyabinsk authority Morozov seizures businesses, starting from houses in Zlatoust

Chelyabinsk authority Morozov seizures businesses, starting from houses in Zlatoust

Returning to Zlatoust after 19 years in prison, former criminal authority Alexander Morozov started utility business.

It is establishing homeowners association, which is expected plans to include all  houses of the city and other municipalities of the Chelyabinsk Region.

Morozov started to collect signatures for the creation of the homeowners association at the festival hosted in honor of his birthday in the 3rd district. "We found businessmen who are ready to invest in our house to equip it. And the whole town wanted to enter our homeowners association. We will provide communal public services to the town. Facility Managers earn a lot - it is extremely profitable business. And it will belong to us. You authorize me, and I'll hire a gardener, locksmith, plasterer, and others, as well as control them. People will help us with advice. Businessmen will also have profit - other houses will make orders, so we will attach them to us too. Profit will be used on development. It will become a tool for making money,”- Morozov said to residents of his home.

Some citizens reacted to this initiative with skepticism. While the majority expressed dissatisfaction with service provided by their facility managers. "When the local facility manager company found out that we are establishing the homeowners association, they started to paint land. Are they crazy? We need to take control over it. Those who want – can participate. Those who do not want - will not receive all the benefits,"- said Morozov. Video showing Morozov speaking to the citizens was posted on the channel Morozov Brotherhood-Zlatoust on YouTube.

Video: Aleksandr Morozov's birthday



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