Chekhovskaya gang’s Pavlin detained for stealing $180m

Chekhovskaya gang’s Pavlin detained for stealing $180m
Moscow detains one of the main sponsors of Vityaz Hockey Club

The mafia boss could have gotten state contracts.

Yesterday, FSB officers in the town of Chekhov (near Moscow) detained Nikolai Pavlinov, a mafia boss and businessman with criminal ties, known in the underworld as Pavlin (the Russian for ‘Peacock’). According to preliminary data, he is accused of a grand embezzlement of federal funds, which may be about 11 billion rubles ($180m).

Pavlinov is known to be one of the co-owners of the Vityaz Hockey Club through a number of non-profit foundations and organizations. In addition, the detainee is charged with organizing a criminal community.

There has been no official information about Pavlin’s detention yet, so we cannot say what he is accused of.

From open sources we know that Pavlin is in the immediate circle of Sergei Lalakin (aka Luchok), the leader of Podolskaya gang. The Chekhov district, along with Podolsky and Serpukhovsky districts, is in the zone of influence of this gang. Podolskaya had started with racketeering and fraud, later compounding their crimes with contract killings. Eventually the gang controlled the majority of commercial organizations in the Moscow region, including banks, oil companies and even production centers.

The CrimeRussia is going to report more on Pavlin’s detention soon.



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