Chechen Republic figures out how to avoid extradition of lord Aziz to Kyrgyzstan, convicts him of deadly car accident 

Chechen Republic figures out how to avoid extradition of lord Aziz to Kyrgyzstan, convicts him of deadly car accident
Aziz Batukaev

Aziz Batukaev wanted by Interpol should have been extradited to Kyrgyzstan after serving his sentence in a Chechen prison, during which he could freely move around Chechnya. However, it did not work that way.

Chechen crime lord Aziz Batukaev, who had served his sentence in his home country for illegal firearm carry and was officially released a month ago, immediately faced trial again. He was charged with causing a deadly car accident this time.

The Grozny City Court gave Batukaev a 4-year custodial sentence and revoked his driver’s license for 3 years in August.

Aziz Batukaev had committed the offense 1.5 months before he was convicted of illegal firearm carry, according to the case file. It happened on May 24, 2014. That is the time when Kyrgyzstan put him on the international wanted list.

The drunk crime lord was driving a Mercedes Benz 500 when he got into the car accident in the Starye Atagi village, according to Batukaev’s criminal case. He was passing a VAZ 2110 driving on the roadside when he collided with the car at 120 km/h, according to the case file. The VAZ 2110 driver died on the spot. Aziz Batukaev hitched a ride to flee due to fear of the victim’s family’s revenge.

It is worth noting that Magomed Ampukaev’s (the victim) family made peace with Batukaev’s family that visited them. The story was forgotten for a while until it became useful to recollect it.

Kyrgyzstan was impatient for Batukaev to serve his sentence, as the CrimeRussia reported earlier. The Chechen crime lord had been given a 16-year custodial sentence for illegal possession of a weapons and drugs and organizing unrest in prison there. However, he was released on parole due to “serious health issues” in April of 2013. He only served half the sentence. He was flown to Chechnya on a special flight the same day. Famous Chechen public figure and Chechen State Duma MP Adam Delimkhanov made his private jet available for that, according to some reports.

However, his medical records saying he had a blood cancer were found to have been forged soon after he left Kyrgyzstan. The Chechen authorities opened the illegal firearm carry case against Batukaev and gave him the 3-year custodial sentence immediately after Kyrgyzstan put him on the wanted list.

There are reasons to believe Batukaev was not imprisoned despite officially being incarcerated. He is even said to have held thieves’ meetings. However, he did not leave Chechnya. His Kyrgyz successor crime lord Mursalym Urymzakov, also known as Karyshkyr, was even 'crowned' at one such meeting. That allowed him to establish reliable connection with Kyrgyzstan, where he had spent many years.   


Aziz Batukaev 'serving his sentence' in Chechnya


That is why the Kyrgyz law enforcement was yet again unable to send Aziz Batukaev to prison to serve the remainder of his sentence due to his new conviction. Even walls are useful when one is home, as they say. Even if they are prison walls.



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