Chechen crime boss Khalid Musayev tries on role of businessman and patron

Chechen crime boss Khalid Musayev tries on role of businessman and patron
Khalid Musayev

According to activist Mark Gordienko, Musayev is the leader of a criminal group and a suspect in ten criminal cases.

Crime lord Khalid Musayev, who is known in the criminal environment and who settled in Odessa, opened the boxing club Bratya (Brothers), Ukrainian publication Dumskaya informed. “Also, the opening of the club would be impossible without the direct assistance and initiative of the patron Khalid Musayev,” the article says. Activist Mark Gordienko drew attention to the report and penned about it on his Facebook page.

“The gangsters of the 90s and gangsters from the 90s always donated their bloody money to priests and gyms. Priests were supposed to support them before God, while in gyms they prepared infantry and meat for themselves. In order for infantry and meat no to feel like consumables, the criminal concepts, ideology and atmosphere of fraternity were created and cultivated,” Gordienko commented on the article.

Earlier, the activist asserted that Khalid Musayev has ties with Ramzan Kadyrov and maintains relations with representatives of the criminal environment of Russia. The crime boss moves around Odessa being accompanied by guards.

“Police reports and operational data mention Khalid Musayev as a crime boss and leader of a criminal group. Only thanks to the total corruptness of prosecutors, police officers and judges, does he continue to walk calmly around Odessa with four armed guards. None of the 10 criminal cases in which he is named as a suspect has ever been considered,” he wrote.

According to media reports, Khalid Musayev is officially a businessman and owner of the Odessa car market Kuyalnik, commonly called Yama (Pit). In fact, he is the leader of an ethnic Chechen organized criminal group specializing in smuggling, extortion, raiding, and depriving residents of the Odessa region of land shares.

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