Celebs start taking their words back after signing Shishkan petition

Celebs start taking their words back after signing Shishkan petition
Alexander Serov and Oleg Shishkanov

Singer Alexander Serov and football coach Yuri Semin have already admitted that their vouching for the bail was the crime lord was a mistake.

Some of the celebrities deny that they vouched for Oleg Shishkanov, the thief in law known as Shishkan.

The CrimeRussia said earlier that the country’s show business reps wrote a collective letter in defense of Shishkan, asking to release him from the detention center. About 40 very well-known celebrities put their signatures on the petition, among them was Valery Gazzaev, the former coach of the Russian national football team, Yuri Semin, coach of FC Lokomotiv, artists Lev Leschenko and Alexander Serov, and other athletes and cultural figures.

Lyubov Uspenskaya said earlier that she has known the thief in law for a long time and has always considered him a highly moral person. Meanwhile, Alexander Serov said he was not supposed to be mentioned in the petition. According to him, he never vouched for Shishkanov before the Moscow City Court.

Vice President of the RFU, Nikita Simonyan, and a three-time Russian champion and six-time winner of the Russian Cup with Moscow's Lokomotiv, Yuri Semin, denied their involvement.

Oleg Shishkanov was detained in mid-July. He is accused of having a high-ranking position in the criminal hierarchy and coordinating the activities of the criminal groups of the Moscow region.



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