Case of Shakro Molodoy may turn into full-scale anti-corruption investigation

Case of Shakro Molodoy may turn into full-scale anti-corruption investigation
Shakro Molodoy in court Photo: Dmitry Korotaev/Kommersant

Several officers of the Main Investigation Department of the Russian Investigative Committee in Moscow have fallen under inspection after Zakhar Kalashov’s right hand was released from prison.

The case of Shakro Molodoy (meaning, ‘the Young’) may turn into a major anti-corruption investigation. As Rosbalt reported, citing a source in law enforcement, the staff of the Directorate ‘M’ of the Federal Security Service are running inspections of a number of employees of the Main Investigation Department of the Russian Investigative Committee in Moscow and the investigation department of this institution for the Central Administrative District. The counterintelligence officers are interested in the situation, which took place on June 14, 2016, when a kingpin Andrey Kochuykov was suddenly released from the Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention center, where he had been serving his sentence for the massacre at the Rochdelskaya Street in December 2015.

The investigators simply did not provide the court with a petition to extend the detention term, and so Kochuykov’s term of custody expired. The investigators failed to give a coherent explanation for this accident. Meanwhile, the FSB officers, who were actively developing Shakro and his entourage at the moment, found out that 1 million dollars had been allocated for Kochuykov’s release.

"In the near future, representatives of the investigative authorities will most likely be subject to a formal investigation," the source of the agency said. He claims that the investigation may be initiated against certain individuals of the Presnensky Department of Internal Affairs. It is now clear that they were aware of the fact that acting police officers escorted Kochuykov, nicknamed Italian, during his assault on the owner of the Elements restaurant, Joanna Kim. Earlier, local district police chief Rinat Zinatullin was taken into custody. He recently stated that he was ready to sign a pre-trial agreement and intended to inform on whose orders the police had acted on December 14.

Zakhar Kalashov’s "fixer" was arrested along with the crowned thief on July 11, 2016, and he also has a lot to tell the investigators. His pre-trial restriction measure did not result in custody. In Shakro’s team, this man was responsible for solving the issues with law enforcement authorities. The FSB believes that he served as mediator for the gangsters with the representatives of the Presnensky Department and investigators.

However, Italian was once again detained on June 14, shortly after the release. As soon as he went to one of the five jeeps that met him, he was arrested. This time he was charged with extortion from Joanna Kim. The case was filed in June by the Main Investigation Department of the Main Department of the Russian Ministry of Interior in Moscow. According to investigators, a close friend of Zakhar Kalashov, a designer Fatima Mysikova, convinced the kingpin that Joanna Kim owed her 8 million rubles for interior works. Shakro Molodoy instructed Andrey Kochuykov to deal with this problem. In June, the court decided to re-arrest Italyanets, and so he was placed in the Butyrka prison.

Recently, he was transferred to the cell, which contains a number of prisoners who had been diagnosed with AIDS. According to the source of the agency, in protest Kochuykov slashed his wrists. Doctors saved his life, and for now Italian is staying in the medical department of the prison.

After Italan had been arrested, the extortion case started to unfold swiftly. For instance, in July, Fatima Mysikova’s employee, Gamidov, and a certain Nikolaev from the private security company, which provided protection for Italyanets, were taken into custody. They were present in the VIP-hall of the restaurant when Joanna Kim was assaulted, and actively demanded a large sum of money from her. According to the source of Rosbalt, Nikolaev and Gamidov agreed to cooperate with the investigation and said they had participated in the extortion on behalf of Zakhar Kalashov, who had been the organizer of the crime. On July 11, Shakro Molodoy was detained, and two days later, the Tverskoy court arrested him for the period up to August 15, 2016.



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