Car of hitmen who shot crime lord in Sol-Iletsk found 

Car of hitmen who shot crime lord in Sol-Iletsk found

The criminals have left weapons and clothes inside the car.

Policemen of the Orenburg region continue to search for bandits who have committed a daring attack in the spirit of the ‘dashing 90s’ in the city of Sol-Iletsk. It was reported that one of the cars, a Niva, in which the hitmen fled the scene, has been discovered in the village of Saratovka, in the north-west of Sol-Iletsk. The criminals left weapons and clothes inside the car. Another car belonging to them, a VAZ-2114, has not been found yet.

Several lawbreakers waited for the local crime lord in the parking lot of a restaurant and shot him at point-blank range. The crime was captured on security cameras. In the video, two men are walking out in the parking lot outside the restaurant. Apparently, attackers in two cars have been already waiting for them. While one of them gets into the car, another person is attacked by several masked men, who shoot him at point-blank. His friend manages to escape.


The victim died in hospital; he was reported to be a 30-year-old resident of Sol-Iletsk. According to, the deceased person was a local crime lord. REN TV reports that the name of the deceased is Nariman Zhumagaziev.

A criminal case under Murder has been initiated. A National Guard squad has been sent to help the police. Investigators and police continue to search for the criminals.

Video: Murder in Sol-Iletsk



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