Camcorder exposed Damir Ufimsky

Camcorder exposed Damir Ufimsky
The court detained thief in law

By the decision of judges of the Federal Court of Vasilyevsky Island district of St. Petersburg the thief in law Damir Timurgaleev, known in the criminal world under nickname Damir Ufimsky, was taken into custody. In prison it also came his accomplice Ruslan Nasibullin, with whom the thief in law is suspected of killing 54-year-old resident of the northern capital Faiq Husainov.

Damir Ufimsky was detained on August 19 this year, and the murder of man had occurred two months earlier. According to the MID of St. Petersburg, to law enforcement agencies on June 4 this year it was reported that in the trunk of a Mercedes car it was found a man's body. Investigators, who came into the crime scene, established the identity of one of the murderer, who killed the man from Mercedes, after watching videos from street surveillance cameras. It appeared to be a long time known to law enforcement authorities thief in law, named Damir Ufimsky. His orientation was sent to all regions of Russia. The thief in law was arrested in Sochi at the house 62 on Bohdan Khmelnytsky street. Together with him it was arrested his accomplice.

- The detained convicted of that, being a guest of the deceased, in the course of a quarrel committed the murder of their friend, - said to the CrimeRussia in MID.


According to the source of the CrimeRussia, Damir Timurgaleev was born in 1965 in Ufa. He was crowned at the age of 23 years in Bashkortostan CTI-3 by Miho and Tikhon.

Note that, according to an alternative version, the murder of Khusainov was committed on domestic violence. Ostensibly, Timurgaleev and Nasibullin rented from Khusainov the apartment, and when he reprimanded them because of the prevailing chaos in the home - they killed him.

With respect to Damir Ufimsky and his accomplice the MID ICR of Vasileostrovsky district initiated a criminal case under part 1, Art. 105 of the Criminal Code. The investigation came to the court with the request to leave defendants in custody. The Court, after hearing all the arguments of investigators, granted the request.



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