“By my 55, I haven’t developed a fat face like Reimer’s." Crime lord Shishkan claims innocent 

“By my 55, I haven’t developed a fat face like Reimer’s." Crime lord Shishkan claims innocent
Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan)

According to the man, acquaintance with crime lords does not say anything about a person, he made much less money than some corrupt officials, and he would not run away from his children.

A lot of curious facts were voiced during yesterday’s arrest of thief in law Oleg Medvedev (Shishkanov), also known as “Shishkan” and “Oleg Ramensky” by Basmanny Court. The came both from the investigators, which petitioned for the thief’s arrest, and from Shishkan himself.

After the investigator read the report on Medvedev’s trial and vetting, the way he coordinated criminal groups in the Moscow region, controlled legal entities, and received criminal proceeds from prostitution and gambling, the thief in law took the stand.

According to RBC, Medvedev started in a roundabout way, stating that he was born in the Soviet Union and spent ten years in cells (he was convicted of murder, - Ed.), “trying to prove innocence”. Then Shishkan remembered playing football since childhood, which eventually led to Saturn Ramenskoye FC that he created; he asked the judge to credit him with the club.

Шишкан в суде

Shishkan in court

The crime boss said the accusations against him were tendentious and noted that the investigator had an accusatory bias, comparing him with Yezhov and Yagoda (NKVD heads under Stalin. - Ed.).

When answering one of the questions at the beginning of the meeting, he stated that he has no convictions. Later, he said that he did not understand what he was accused of. “The word “hierarchy” ... I know a little Russian, and to me, the word sounds like it came from a Stirlitz film with Hitler, Borman, Muller, and that was the hierarchy. But when it comes to me - I really don’t understand what it is and what it means,” said Shishkanov. He said that he knows some mafia figures that the investigator asked him about during the interrogation, such as “Kitayets”, “Yaponets”, “Ded Mazai”, because their funerals were shown on all TV channels when they died. Only that proves nothing, according to Shishkan.

As the investigator was testifying, Medvedev laughed loudly and interrupted him shouting, “What a comedy!” He calmed down only after the judge told him to.

“As for women, yes, I have sinned. Perhaps, with five children, one could only think about robbing or killing others,” Medvedev quipped. “All of those sites say lies and slander about me, they keep posting slander everywhere.”

“My daughter aged sixteen has been brought to a nervous breakdown: they say I’m a cannibal, keep the whole Moscow region in fear, raped and ate some woman,” the crime lord complained.

When the investigators argued that unless remanded in custody, Medvedev could flee, he said that he would not run away from his children. “I didn’t leave any golden mountains for myself,” he said. “I did not buy London’s Arsenal, or Chelsea, I don’t have any mansions or offshore companies. By my 55, I haven’t developed a fat face like Reimer’s (former director of the Federal Penitentiary Service). He asked for house arrest with an electronic bracelet.

It is worth noting that as The CrimeRussia said earlier, Shishkan’s son, Ivan, goes to UK’s one of the leading universities, The University of Warwick, with an annual tuition fee of about $35,000.

Иван Шишканов с однокурсниками

Ivan Shishkanov (leftmost) with fellow students

Before that, he went to The King's School, Canterbury, which prides itself for being the oldest permanent school in the world, founded in 597.

Shishkanov's house is not the humblest one in the Ramensky district of the Moscow region. According to Rosreestr, the land plot at the address (6 Furmanova Str.) with a total area of ​​5527 sq. m. is estimated at 16,8 million rubles. However, it is registered on the name of Lilia Strokina, his girlfriend.

The thief in law is represented by Alexander Vershinin and Alexey Kirsanov, who also work together in the case against ex-minister Mikhail Abyzov. Vershinin previously represented ICR Colonel Mikhail Maksimenko, convicted in the bribery case, MIA Major Denis Yevsyukov and other thieves in law, Vladimir Tyurin (Tyurik) and Yuri Pichugin (Pichuga). Kirsanov worked on the case of a Petersburg billionaire referred to as the "24/7 governor", Dmitry Mikhalchenko.

According to Kirsanov, the ICR initiated the case on the basis of operational information from the Central Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which was based “on the data from the Internet”; in some of the files, the website addresses were not even deleted; the sites, he said, were “waste tanks with dirt”. At the same time, the investigators’ argument that Medvedev was scrutinized in criminal cases more than 15 times, rather speaks in favor of the crime lord since it turns out that his involvement was never confirmed.

Дом Шишкана

Shishkan's house

Vershinin, in turn, noted a certain legal conflict in the application of the “anti-thief” law - since the amendments were adopted only recently, while Medvedev was vetted as early as 1992, so the article cannot be applicable to him.

Vershinin also complained about the violation of his client’s rights: Medvedev was detained late in the evening and interrogated in the ICR the same night, in the absence of a lawyer, who was not allowed in until around six in the morning and by then, the suspect had been interrogated for at least five hours.



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