Businessman and leader of organized criminal group involved in murder attempt on Volgograd Region governor detained in Moscow 

Businessman and leader of organized criminal group involved in murder attempt on Volgograd Region governor detained in Moscow

The investigation considers a dispute over municipal land to be the motive for the crime.

The FSB detained a well-known Volgograd entrepreneur and mafia lord Yevgeny Remezov, who, according to investigators, organized an assassination attempt on the governor of the region three years ago, the special service reports. The head of the region tried to return the municipal property obtained by Remizov for rent on favorable terms, which was later sublet.

In 2003, Remezov, being the former tenant of the Central Market, received from the municipality 16,500 square meters, which brought him a big profit. The governor wanted to return the important property to replenish the regional budget, and won all the courts sessions. Then Remezov gathered, as the investigation considers, a criminal group, planned an attempt on the governor, and left abroad for an alibi.

On November 16, 2016, unknown persons made their way into the courtyard of the governor’s house and set fire to the wall. Over this fact, the investigation initiated a criminal case and established that there were five criminals. Remezov’s gang has existed since 2012 and has been implicated in several other business conflicts related to the Central Market.

One of Remezov's accomplices left for the USA for two years, where he also broke the law and went to prison. Another two were convicted in Russia for deliberately causing grievous bodily harm to a Volgograd entrepreneur on Remezov’s orders, REN-TV reports. On May 23, Remezov was detained.

At the same time, a trial is under way in the case of the contract killing of Remezov’s business partner Sergey Brudny in Volgograd. In July 2015, contractor Alietdin Makhmudov, organizer Abugali Temerkhanov, killer Khasu Batalov, and the killer’s driver Denis Aleksandrov were convicted. On May 23, a prosecutor requested 19 years of a strict regime penal colony for the last accused, Alexander Gebert, whom the state prosecution called instigator and accomplice, Volgograd Online reports.

Brudnyy was killed on May 21, 2014. The killer shot from a car and hit the entrepreneur in the neck. Remezov was nearby and got wounded in the face, but survived.



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