Broken CCTV cameras prior to Frantsuz death  

Broken CCTV cameras prior to Frantsuz death
Maxim Frantsuzov

Meanwhile, law enforcement officers believe that what happened could be the result of suicide as well as of the murder. Sources claim that the criminal could commit suicide due to psychotropic substances.

Law enforcement bodies are establishing the cause of the mysterious death of 27-year-old thief in law Maxim Frantsuzov, known under nickname Frantsuz (Frenchman), whose body was found this morning on the porch canopy of one of the houses in New Moscow.

At the moment, two versions of what happened are being considered: murder and suicide. Sources of RIA Novosti in the law enforcement agencies report that the criminal previously disavowed his title could throw himself out of the porch of the apartment building, since the investigators did not disclose any signs of fight at the scene. In addition, sources claim that Frantsuz consumed psychotropic substances for a long time and was registered with a psycho-neurological clinic. These circumstances could affect his voluntary quietus.

So far this version of what has happened is main. Law enforcement agencies do not comment officially on the cause of the criminal’s death.

Meanwhile, according to Life unknown people cut some electric wires in the house of Maxim Frantsuzov some days before the incident, and as a result CCTV cameras and entryphone ceased to work in the porch. Residents of the house said that they had reported damaged wires to the management company, but its employees have not fixed the defects yet.

As The CrimeRussia previously reported, thief in law Frantsuz was found this morning on the porch canopy. According to some reports, the criminal threw himself out of the window of the 12th floor, while he lived on the 7th floor with his mother, wife and a one-year-old child. Frantsuzov wore sporty tights and a jacket, and he was barefoot.

Maxim Frantsuzov, who previously captured disavowing the ‘crown’ on video, survived an assassination attempt in 2015. In July he was shot in the territory of Moskovsky town. Then the criminal miraculously managed to survive, and the killer disappeared. As for the motives for the assassination, given the criminal way of life that Frantsuz led even after voluntarily and forcibly renouncing the thief status in 2013, it is easy to assume that he had opponents who sent the armed hit man. Perhaps the attempted murder of Frantsuzov was a part of the struggle for criminal influence.

Video: Witnesses of attempt on Frantsuz on incident

There is a version that Frantsuz paid the devil for trying to create a criminal group in the territory of New Moscow for covering up prostitution. Today sources in law enforcement agencies clarify that the criminal was indeed under surveillance of the siloviki as the leader of the criminal group. Lenta notes that on March 15 the Moscow City Court was supposed to return a verdict on the case of the gang of notary Orlov, who is currently on the wanted list. According to some reports, this criminal group could be connected with deceased Frantsuz.



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