Bolgar ordered Plahotniuc?

Bolgar ordered Plahotniuc?
Grigory Karamalak (Bolgar)

Details of the criminal authority Grigory Karamalak's involvement in the assassination attempt against the Moldovan oligarch became known.

Law enforcement authorities in Moldova are reluctant to disclose the details of the assassination attempt on the leader of the Democratic Party, oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc. Among the detained group of alleged criminals (18), there is Valery Zabolotny, the co-chairman of the Association of Friendship and Cooperation Moldova-Bulgaria and deputy chairman of the IFAVIS Foundation, headed by the Moldovan criminal authority Grigory Karamalak (Bolgar).

As CrimeMoldova reported referring to sources, Zabolotny, on Karamalak's instructions, issued an advance to the killers, rented an apartment and prepared a car with Lithuanian numbers, at which they had to hide after the assassination attempt.

Валерий Заболотный

Valery Zabolotny

Another person involved in the case is Andrey Gushan, closely associated with Zabolotny. Gushan is a member of Our Party and an active supporter of scandalous politics Renato Usatii. The latter, as has long been known, is the closest ally of Bolgar and his colleague in the Solntsevskaya OCG.

At the same time, Andrey Gushan is closely connected with the 'authorities' of the underworld, for example, with thief in law Vladimir Moskalchuk, nicknamed Makena. The athlete was also seen in the company of Dima Bolshoy, who is the right arm of the Makena at large.

Recall that the Moldovan law enforcement agencies reported on a joint operation with their Ukrainian counterparts in two countries. As a result of joint actions, the siloviki managed to prevent an attempt on Vladimir Plahotniuc. The client of the murder was named Grigory Karamalak. He himself is hiding in Russia. Karamalak was declared internationally wanted by the Moldovan authorities at the end of January 2017. He is suspected of running a criminal group and other serious crimes.



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