Bolgar’s associate detained

Bolgar’s associate detained
Andrei Gargalyk

Andrei Gargalyk is a trusted person of the Moldovan criminal boss, who is suspected of evading taxes on a particularly large scale.

Grigory Karamalak aka Bolgar, an associate of a Moldovan criminal lord has been detained. According to the investigation, the case against Andrei Gargalyk, who is Karamalak’s confidant and representative in Moldova, was opened back in August 17, 2017, but he had not been detained until now. He is accused of tax evasion on an especially large scale.

The Moldovan media outlet wrote that since 2007, Gargalyk’s Club Royal Park Company with the support of Kyriant Trading Limited (its founder) has evaded the income tax of 3.791.277 lei and 6.318.795 lei VAT. Moldconstruct Market LLC, Moldconstruct Service LLC and the shell companies Sinis, Azur International, Grain-Groupe and Climcom-Investgrup assisted Club Royal Park Company in that. The investigation believes that Club Royal Park Company invested money that was supposed to be returned to the state, to build real estate at 6/2 Trandafirilor St., Chisinau.


Andrey Gargalyk is a businessman from Chisinau, president of Moldovan hockey federation, graduate of the Institute of International Diplomatic Relations, author of a diplomatic monograph "China at the Beginning of the New Millennium".

During the same period, Club Royal Park Company Ltd. used the criminal scheme of tax evasion, through Impex Bussinescom, (Club Royal Park Company was its founder and administrator before 12 July 2013), and the shell company Rumitox, and the state budget lost 3.415.248 lei of income tax and 5.696.080 of VAT.



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