Bloody showdowns of Tajik mafia in Moscow

Bloody showdowns of Tajik mafia in Moscow

The gang’s backbone comprised of former officers of Tajik security agencies.

The operation of a Tajik crime group has been disrupted in Moscow. Its leader, Lutfullo Mukhamadiev aka Lutfullo or Anvar, as well as several members – Abdulvakhob Dzhangibekov (Kori) and Nasir Zaydullov – have been charged with the murder of two or more persons (Art. 105 of the Russian Criminal Code) and Banditry (Art. 209). According to Rosbalt, the OCG’s latest victims were representatives of a rival gang, who had previously eliminated Mukhamadiev’s confidant.

Another prominent representative of the Tajik mafia, a former officer of Tajikistan MIA and a master of sports in martial arts – Safiulla Akhtamov also known in the Russian underground as crime lord Chelyust (‘Jaw’) – has been put on the wanted list. He is accused of a series of robbery attacks on money carriers.

According to the investigation, this whole story began when Lutfullo’s associate avenged the victim in one of his brother’s showdowns, attacking his opponents. In turn, they appointed him a huddle near one of the favorite places of all criminal elements – the so-called Three Station Square – where they stabbed him all over his body. The man died of his injuries. That was when Lutfullo stepped in, deciding to take revenge for his ally. 

However, the massacre perpetrators took a lower profile; the Tajik mafioso has to kidnap their friend so that he exposed their whereabouts under torture. It turned out that the fugitives went into hiding in a rented apartment in Pushkino, which they never left. However, Lutfullo did not have to lure them out. He broke into the premises along with the gunmen from his gang and shot two of his confidant’s offenders dead. 

Then it was Mukhamadiev’s turn to take a lower profile. However, officers of the MIA General Administration of Criminal Investigation found out that he was to visit one of his hiding places in Vyazniki, the Vladimir region. That was where he was detained. Law enforcers searched him, only to discover grenades and drugs.

It turned out that that the Tajik criminal has long left a string of offenses behind him. In particular, he would provide force support to the people protecting workers of the Moscow markets. Earlier, migrants would give part of their income to the owners of retail properties, but later, according to the agency’s source, representatives of influential thieves in law interfered with this system. In particular, Oleg Ashkhabadsky appointed a gangland Tajikistan native Shukhrat as enforcer of this activity, aided by the commanders of Tajikistan special forces units - Mustafa and his relative (his wife’s brother) Lutfullo. 

The division of the criminal market did not go unnoticed. Mustafa was killed in the entrance to his house in the Kostroma region, where he had brought his family shortly before this out of fear of reprisal. Several months later, killers shot Shukhrat dead in the Domodedovo region.

Mukhmadiev was luckier. In particular, he walked away unscathed after taking part in the infamous massacre at the Khovansky cemetery. He survived after being shot at a thieves’ meeting in Moscow in the autumn of 2016, as well as in March 2017. Back then, there was a large-scale showdown between the gangs of Lutfullo and his long-time rival, crime lord Rustam Eshon, who now closely collaborates with the clan of thief in law Merab Dzhangveladze (Merab Sukhumsky), in the Izmaylovo district. Nevertheless, it is most likely that from now on he will have to avoid showdowns and thieves’ meetings.



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