Black Label for Ruslan Zugdidsky from 'spiritual leaders' 

Black Label for Ruslan Zugdidsky from 'spiritual leaders'
Ruslan Zugdidsky is allegedly sentenced to death

Sources criticize the death penalty for the kingpin.⁠

The scandal in the colony, where thief in law Ruslan Gegechkori nicknamed Ruslan Zugdidsky together with his colleagues rushed to the prison mosque and beat a group of Caucasians, is gaining momentum. According to Life, a conflict, which left far beyond the prison walls, could pass into a real bloodbath, which, in turn, will trigger prison riots. However, sources criticize such a scenario.

The mayhem in the prison mosque of Tuvan prison occurred when 20-30 prisoners headed by hereditary thief in law Ruslan Zugdidsky broke in here. Visitors badly beat Chechen and Dagestani prayers. Photos of beaten Muslims prisoners were spreaded in social networks, so the conflict went far beyond prisons.

Пострадавшие в драке кавказцы

Injured in a fight Caucasians

Prior to this, Ruslan Zugdidsky has a personal conflict with a group of people from the Caucasus. During the quarrel Ruslan Gegechkori unflattering said about the entire Chechen nation, as a result of one of the Caucasians hit him in the face. On the same day Slyapa Jr. and his 20-minded prisoners broke into the mosque, located in the colony. As a result of the incident, there were beaten eight natives of Chechnya and Dagestan. The place of mass slaughter was crashed.

According to reports, not so long ago in Moscow there was an emergency gathering of informal spiritual leaders of several ethnic communities from the Caucasus and Central Asian regions, which results in the death sentence to the thief in law. Sources criticized this information, recalling that only thief in law can sentence the kingpin to death and insult of kingpins is considered to be a particularly serious offense and severely punished, including death, in the criminal environment.

Much more likely a favorable version of the resolution of the conflict to be realized at. As the CrimeRussia previously reported, the mediator is being sought, who will be able to peacefully settle the conflict. Chechen kingpin Aziz Batukaev aka Aziz could be naminated. On the other hand, the Metropolitan Police was ordered to strengthen the operational work and avoid collisions and new gatherings on conflict between Ruslan Zugdidsky and Muslim prisoners.

The CrimeRussia will watch developments.



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