Biography of murdered Rovshan Lenkoransky goes viral

Biography of murdered Rovshan Lenkoransky goes viral
Rovshan Dzhaniev

In honor of the thief in law dozen songs and Meyhana were written.

The book dedicated to the late Azerbaijani thief in law Rovshan Dzhaniev. According to the edition, the most popular Baku bookstore Ali and Nino presented a book about life and death of the thief in law, written by Bahram Chelebi. noted that the book was not only written and published promptly, but immediately became a bestseller. For two days 295 copies were sold and that is an absolute record for this network of bookstores in the opinion of competent people.

Rovshan Dzhaniev is known Azerbaijani thief in law, one of the most ardent opponents of Ded Hasan, was shot by unknown in Istanbul on the night of 18 August. At home in his honor dozens of songs and Meyhana were written (Azerbaijani folk music and poetry, original improvisations, rhythmic poetry similar to modern rap - editor's note).

As for the criminal investigation into the murder of Rovshan Dzhaniev, all the suspects in the massacre were released. Thus, there are no defendants in the case.



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