Beaten for curiosity: thief in law Tarzan on losing his crown

Beaten for curiosity: thief in law Tarzan on losing his crown
Irakly Rekhviashvili (Tarzan)

There has been a mob summit in Greece in this regard.

The sad results of Irakly Rekhviashvili (Tarzan) and Kakhaber Oragvelidze’s (Kakha Tbilissky) trip to Turkey were discussed at a summit in Greece attended by more than a dozen thieves in law. 

To recall, late last month, Tarzan was beaten and deprived of his thief’s title at a meeting with the thieves who settled in Turkey. It was not clear what was the reason for such treatment of the Greek clan representative, who had come to resolve the issue of thief in law Gia Kartvelishvili. 

Roman Khmaladze (Roma Batumsky), who himself had been stripped of his crown with the participation of Tarzan, as well as Mindiya Lavasoglu (Lavasoglu Batumsky), who had been insulted by him, might have had a problem with Tarzan.

At the same time, according to Tarzan, the beating began after he asked Akaky Tugushi (Entso Batumsky), whether it was him who had cut David Ozmanov (Dato Krasnodarsky) during an attack in Belgium in 2011. Tarzan explained that it was his interest in Entso, whose name he had repeatedly heard at various thieves’ gatherings, and he had no idea that this could cause beating and deprivation of status.

The humiliating beating – with spitting and kicking – began in the premises where they had gathered, and then continued outside, on the street. While telling such unpleasant details, Rekhviashvili was perplexed – thieves in law do not behave like this; can they even be invited to summits after that?

After listening to the complaints, Emzar Dzhaparidze (Kvatiya), who was present at the Greek ‘debriefing’, however, noted that if Tarzan intended to regain the title, then he could not do without his offenders. One way or another, but he would have to make up with them. It is only at a mob summit that the ‘Turks’ can be held accountable. Therefore, no unilateral decisions will be taken against them for now. As for the Ozmanovs, who had already been blamed by everyone for avoiding meetings in every way and were not making any claims to their offenders, defending their honor was their own business. 

At the same time, some consider the beating of Tarzan as an attack against Tamaz Gogoladze (Chermen), who is his ‘godfather.’ Will he enter the conflict with the ‘Turks’ or will he stay away? 

It should be added that before going to Turkey, Rekhviashvili and Oragvelidze consulted Vazha Biganishvili (Vazha Tbilissky) whether they should attend the gathering. And the latter tried to advise them against it.



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