Battle for common fund. Who will inherit Ded Khasan’s estate? 

Battle for common fund. Who will inherit Ded Khasan’s estate?
Eduard Asatryan

A while back, the media reported that 48-year-old thief in law Eduard Asatryan (aka Osetrina Sr), who had been released from a Chelyabinsk prison, was up to redivision of the thieves' world. His plans included inheriting the estate of the legendary Aslan Usoyan (Ded Khasan). Allegedly, Asatryan was considered Usoyan’s right-hand man until 2012, which means that his claims are justified.

However, according to experts, even if Osetrina Sr has his sights set on the inheritance of the thieves' world legend, it will not be easy to make it come true. tried to look into the situation and find out whether the Russian underground elite is really on the brink of a turmoil.

Restless days

August 7, reported that the release of Eduard Asatryan (who served three years for drug possession in a Verkhneuralsk colony, Chelyabinsk region) is being actively discussed in the criminal circles. According to the publication, when at large, Osetrina Sr intends to declare his claims for the legacy of Aslan Usoyan, murdered four years ago. Although, Asatryan will have to solve other serious problems. In particular, while he was in prison, thieves in law suspended the thief’s crown of his son, Sergey Asatryan (Serezha Bentley).’s anonymous source in another law enforcement structure confirmed that Edik Tbilissky was released from the Verkhneuralsk prison on August 3.

“He served his sentence in full. They say he has gone to Dagestan for a new passport,” the source said. Senior Inspector of the Federal Penitentiary Service Directorate’s Press Service Anton Blinov has neither confirmed nor denied the information – according to the law, the agency cannot comment on prisoners. notes that the criminal world is following with particular interest the further actions of Edik Tbilissky. Not so long ago, he was one of the most influential thieves in law. Asatryan was Ded Khasan’s right hand until 2012, which means that he has the right to claim his inheritance.

Opponent of the ‘king of thieves’

“Today, Osetrina Sr is one of the most notorious thieves-in-law among Armenians born in Tbilisi. In Russia, he came to fame in the early 90s, when he was placed in the infamous Vladimir Central together with Tver thief in the law Aleksandr Severov (Sasha Sever), to which the famous song of Mikhail Krug is dedicated. After that, Eduard Asatryan settled in Moscow, where he lives today,” Viktoriya Gefter, Editor of Prime Crime (Russian portal on the country’s criminal world) said.


Sanya Sever, Edik Tbilissky, and Geno Batumsky in ST-2, Vladimir region

According to Gefter, contradicting information circulated by media, Asatryan was never part of Ded Khasan’s inner circle. Quite the opposite, Osetrina Starshy was one of the few who dared to openly oppose the policy of Aslan Usoyan. In particular, Asatryan spoke out against the decision on de-crowning of such thieves in law as Tariel Oniani (Taro), Merab Dzhangveladze (Merab Sukhumsky), and Badri Koguashvili (Badri Kutaissky), rendered in their absence.

“After Ded Khasan was murdered, Osetrina Sr – as one of the leaders of the thief opposition, who was at large in Russia – tried to take advantage of the dismay in the enemy’s ranks and take the initiative in his own hands, pushing away from the power the possible successors of Ded Khasan from among his inner circle, including Yury Pichugin (Pichuga), Vasily Khristoforov (Voskres), and Dmitry Chanturiya (Miron). In particular, he was going to make a claim to then-holder of the common fund Vasya Voskres. Based on our information, Osetrina kept unofficial parallel accounting for a long time, and discovered a large shortage,” an expert notes.

Failed coup

Eduard Asatryan decided to throw his hat into the thieves’ world ring and gain control of the ‘head office’, which controls and distributes the Russian thievish common fund. Of course, it would be strange if it would have been easy to implement these ambitious plans for Osetrina Sr.

April 2, 2014, Asatryan summoned Voskres for a ‘blamestorming session’. A symbolic site was selected for this purpose, namely Stary Faeton restaurant on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, which had served as Ded Khasan’s permanent presence for many years. That is where he was shot by a sniper on January 16, 2013. That time, Stary Faeton did not provide security to Usoyan — ironically, history repeated itself with his opponent Osetrina Sr.

Шакро Молодой

Zakhar Kalashov

Instead of Voskres, the police from the Russian MIA Office in the Central Federal District and officers of the Main Criminal Investigation Department burst into the restaurant. Seven thieves in law were present at the meeting apart from Osetrina Sr; heroin in especially large doses was seized from three of them (Elgudzhi Turkadze (Gudzha Kutaissky), Vladimir Ozersky (Vova Zyuzya), and Ilgar Aliev (Ilgar)).

As a result, Osetrina Sr was discredited, as he had not been able to ensure the safety of participants in the meeting. Four months later, in August 2014, Eduard Asatryan was detained with cocaine in Moscow, and soon after that, he was sentenced to three years of imprisonment. While Osetrina Sr was in custody, Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) returned to Russia; he was in the thieves’ world forefront up until the infamous shootout on Rochdelskaya Street. According to Viktoriya Gefter, Shakro’s positions were so strong that Osetrina Sr could not compete with him even while at large. But Shakro is now in prison, and his prospects are hazy.

Among the enemies

The expert notes that a few years ago Eduard Asatryan had a chance to compete for Ded Khasan’s legacy, but the post of the ‘Russian thief No. 1’ is no longer vacant – Vladimir Tyurin (aka Tyurik) has firmly established on the thieves’ throne. Osetrina Sr has just been released from prison, and he needs time to adapt. In addition, he is demoralized by the fact that his son (Osetrina Jr) has been recently de-crowned. On top of all that, the thief in law does not even have a group of associates, on whom he could rely.

Viktoriya Gefter believes that Osetrina Sr has more enemies than friends in the criminal underground. His main opponents are Voskres, Miron, Vagif Suleymanov (Vagif Bakinsky), brothers Gelo and Gizo Kardava, Valery Farizov (Valery Tbilissky), Gadi Kaloyan (Onik), Georgy Dzhanelidze (Gogi Pitersky), and Niko Dgebuadze (Nika Gagrinsky). No final point has been made in the conflict situations between these people and the two Asatryans.

(Although, on other data, there had been no formal de-crowning of Bentley, and Osetrina Sr has already called down the disseminated message. At the same time, the police refuse to call Asatryan disoriented — he does not have that kind of grip. But the conflicts with other leaders of the criminal world has not been made up. In any case, this would have prevented Osetrina from taking the leading position in the criminal hierarchy).


Vasily Khristoforov

Thus, in March 2013, he and his son were beaten by opponents at a crime boss meeting. At the same time, as noted by Prime Crime, the thieves in Europe admitted that Asatryan’s conduct had been worthy, and the beating unacceptable. In August 2014, soon after the detention, he suffered another unsavoury episode. He arrived in the Butyrka pre-trial detention center, where Vagif Bakinsky had disseminated the following message through the prison’s ‘alpha dog’: “Do not consider Edik a thief as there are some questions for him.” As a result, everything turned out okay for Osetrina Sr – the message was withdrawn, and Asatryan regained his good reputation after ten thieves in law confirmed his credentials.

But overall Osetrina Sr's position is not what one would call enviable, and it is unlikely that he is ready to fight for Ded Khasan’s estate.

“A preventive conversation was held with him upon his return to Moscow, after which Asatryan hardly any spirit left for making a revolution,” Viktoriya Gefter concluded.



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