Banker, son of thief in law. Ukraine accuses heir to Tyurik’s business empire of contracting killers to assassinate Voronenkov 

Banker, son of thief in law. Ukraine accuses heir to Tyurik’s business empire of contracting killers to assassinate Voronenkov
Money for murder of Voronenkov was transferred by son of Turin, The General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine believes Photo: The CrimeRussia

On October 9, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General has provided names of the people charged with the murder of fugitive ex-Deputy of the State Duma Denis Voronenkov. According to the Ukrainian investigators, the assassin’s paymaster is Vladimir Tyurin, ex-common-law spouse of Maria Maksakova, the widow of Voronenkov, while his son Dmitry Tyurin is the intermediary who had delivered the money to the killers. The CrimeRussia has inquired into the role of Tyurin junior in the business of his father and why one of the leaders of the Russian criminal world wouldn’t sacrifice his son for the purposes of revenge.

The Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office have proudly reported to the media the ‘solution’ of a high-profile murder of the former Deputy of the State Duma representing the Communist Party of the Russian Federation committed in Kiev. The solving rate of contract killings is traditionally low – while this one has been solved in only six months. According to Yuri Lutsenko, head of the watchdog authority, the investigation has identified all the persons involved into the murder of Voronenkov. The names of killers and organizers, as well as the name of the mastermind behind this crime, have been provided to the media.

Everybody killed Voronenkov

According to the version provided by Lutsenko, assassin’s paymaster is Russian thief in law and businessman Vladimir Tyurin also known as Tyurik. The Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office believes that this was Tyurin’s revenge to opera singer and ex-Deputy of the State Duma Maria Maksakova-Igenbergs, his former common-law spouse for some 10 years and mother of his two children.

tyurik5 (1).jpg

Vladimir Tyurin and Maria Maksakova

Lutsenko claims that the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation and personally ex-General of the Russian secret service Oleg Feoktistov were interested in the murder of Voronenkov. The name of the former Deputy Head of the FSB Directorate for Internal Security nicknamed General Fiks is well-known in relation to the high-profile criminal cases against Nikita Belykh, ex-Governor of the Kirov Region, and Alexey Ulyukaev, the ex-Minister of Economic Development.


Oleg Feoktisov

Ilya Ponomarev, another ex-Deputy of the State Duma put on the wanted list by the Russian Federation in 2015 in the framework of a criminal case pertaining to embezzlements of funds from Skolkovo Foundation and currently residing in Ukraine, had also attended the press conference of Lutsenko. Voronenkov was shot dead on the way to a meeting with Ponomarev – who had claimed that general Feoktistov was involved into this crime since the very day of murder – March 23.


Ilya Ponomarev and Igor Lutsenko

According to Ponomarev, Feoktistov had allegedly disliked Voronenkov since the investigation of the Three Whales corruption scandal involving high-ranked FSB officers. At a recent briefing of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office, Ponomarev has added that the investigation is aware how Tyurin became familiar with Feoktistov. Two days later, Maria Maksakova provided more details on this matter. The widow of Voronenkov said that a familiar lawyer has introduced Tyurik and Feoktistov to each other following her request. Therefore, Lutsenko claims that «the murder of Voronenkov was a result of a convergence of interests of “thief in law Tyurik controlled by the FSB” and Russian secret services». The Prosecutor General’s Office believes that Ukrainian nationalists were used as a tool to commit this crime.

максакова и вороненков.jpg

Maria Maksakova and Denis Voronenkov

The investigation considers Yuri Vasilenko the direct organizer of the murder; allegedly, “Tyurin has contracted Vasilenko using his extensive connections in the Ukrainian criminal world”. In February 2017, Vasilenko has contracted Aleksander Los, a member of Right Sector recognized an extremist organization in the Russian Federation. Los has used his connections among the Ukrainian nationalists to find the perpetrators – he addressed Yaroslav Levenets, his former cellmate in the pretrial detention facility in one of the towns in the Dnepropetrovsk region. Together, Los and Levenets have retained driver Yaroslav Tarasenko and killer Pavel Parshov who had participated, jointly with Levenets, in various criminal schemes. Parshov was gravely wounded by the officer of the Ukrainian intelligence service guarding Voronenkov. Later Ilya Ponomarev told in an interview that the killers were allegedly searched among participants of the Anti-Terrorist Operation in Donbass to put the investigation on the wrong track.



Denis Voronenkov was a deputy of the 6th Convocation of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. In 2016, immediately upon the expiry of his term and loss of the parliamentary immunity, he has relocated to Ukraine and quickly received the Ukrainian citizenship. In 2001, Voronenkov was involved into a lobbyist scandal. He had acted as a fixer in an attempt to receive compensation from the state budget and extend the governmental contract undertaken by Sibforpost company and received some $150 thousands from representatives of that company. During the handover of the money, Voronenkov was arrested. However, the extortion case has collapsed soon, while the suspects became victims. In 2013, business lady Anna Etkina convicted in Russia in absentia has submitted a letter to Yuri Chaika, Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, accusing Voronenkov of masterminding the murder of her business partner Andrei Burlakov, one of the managers of Finance Leasing Company (FLC). According to Etkina, Voronenkov had agreed to settle a criminal case involving FLC in exchange for a substantial sum of money. However, in 2011, Burlakov was killed. Since 2014, Voronenkov has been the primary suspect in a criminal case pertaining to a raiding takeover of a building. In 2017, he has been put on the international wanted list. Voronenkov had explained his running away by the FSB persecution.

Person without a status

According to the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office, 32-year-old Dmitry Tyurin, son of Tyurik, has played an important role in the chain of criminal events that have led to the death of Voronenkov.

Lutsenko has even suggested that he was responsible for the selection of killers. This loud statement was caused by the fact that at 9 p.m. on March 20, Russian citizen Dmitry Tyurin has flown to Kiev from Rome and, according to the Ukrainian military intelligence, brought a large amount of cash – the Prosecutor General’s Office claims that this was a portion of the payment for the murder of Voronenkov.

Representatives of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office said that after the arrival of Tyurin, “the investigation has registered his contact with the criminal group”. However, no visual evidence of that contact was presented. In fact, the role of Dmitry Tyurin in the scheme suggested by the Prosecutor General’s Office and presented as a slideshow during the briefing seems weird. Somehow, the watchdog authority hasn’t shown his photo. When asked about the involvement of Tyurin junior, Lutsenko has responded that Dmitry Tyurin has no status in that criminal case because the investigation “hasn’t been completed yet”. 

The Prosecutor General has tentatively added though that Dmitry Tyurin would be prosecuted for complicity. However, in the very beginning of the press conference, he had stated that the investigation has been completed and the case is currently being transferred to the court.


Barely veiled

The briefing of the Ukrainian watchdog authority dedicated to the solution of the murder of Voronenkov has caused skepticism and irony not only in Russia. According to Vladimir Zherebenkov, an attorney for Tyurin having connections in the Ukrainian enforcement structures, even the Ukrainian secret services have no doubts that the allegations against Vladimir Tyurin are groundless.

Vasily Vovk, the ex-Head of the Main Investigations Directorate of the Security Service of Ukraine, said in an interview to Kommersant that “this crime is purely over the money and major asset disputes – no politics at all’. Tyurin senior, who avoids any publicity in accordance with the thieves’ code, has called the situation an “utter rubbish”. In an open letter to NTV Channel, Tyurin has stated his noninvolvement into the murder and asked “not to implicate himself and his family into the dirty intrigues”.

Sergei Belyak, another lawyer of Tyurin known as a defense attorney for Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Eduard Limonov, has been outraged with the “implication of Tyurin’s son Dmitry into this case”. According to Belyak, Dmitry belongs to a different formation, has ‘European mentality’, and “has nothing to do with the affairs of Vladimir Tyurin”.

841056_10151520241136148_210552501_o (1).jpg

Dmitry Tyurin. Source: social networks

The first statement made by the lawyer seems correct; however, Dmitry Tyurin has direct relation to his father’s business. The CrimeRussia has concluded that it is highly unlikely that thief in law Tyurik – a father of a large family and owner of a vast empire combining criminal interests and legal business – would sacrifice his son in order to take revenge upon his former common law spouse. Dmitry Tyurin was born for a totally different destiny.


Technically speaking, it is incorrect to call Dmitry “Tyurin junior”. According to Maria Maksakova, out of the five Tyurik’s children, Dmitry is the oldest one. The two youngest children born in the civil marriage with the opera diva – Ilya and Lyudmila Maksakov – live with the father since the departure of their mother and Voronenkov to Ukraine.

children .jpg

Vladimir Tyurin with his children from Maria Maksakova

Thief in law Tyurik always had a soft spot for education. He has graduated from school with a gold medal. At a mature age, he has got a higher economic education in the Leningrad Polytechnic University and – for his own pleasure – has graduated from the Gnesins Musical College. Therefore, Tyurik has educated his son in the best possible way.

According to CrimeRussia sources, Dmitry Tyurin had studied in Switzerland, in the most expensive and prestigious private school in the world – Le Rosey. The cost of education there varies from €70 thousand per year in elementary grades to €108 thousand in middle and upper grades. To compare: it is almost twice as much as in the 2nd and 3rd most expensive private schools – Eton College and Harrow School.


Summer campus of Le Rosey in Rolle located in a medieval castle

Established in the Canton of Vaud in 1880, Le Rosey is often called a “kings’ school”. Its graduates include Belgian kings Albert II and Baudouin I, Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Prince of Monaco Rainier III, Juan Carlos I of Spain, Fuad II of Egypt, and dozens of other crowned heads, as well as children of billionaires (Dodi El Fayed), rock stars, and famous actors (Sean Ono Lennon, son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Joe Dassin, etc.). In the 1990s, 30% of its students were children of Russian oligarchs who had established an informal authority in the school house demonstrating their wealth and supremacy. According to the school personnel, one of the students was transported to the stadium by a private helicopter belonging to his parents, while the parents of another student from Russia were forced to take their son from the school. After that incident, a quote has been introduced in Le Rosey: no more that 10% of students from one country.

It is necessary to note that Le Rosey is not a school for ‘deep pockets’ where money decide everything. Gifted bursars from poor families study there based on a special quote as well, and all the candidates must qualify for entry. In the middle grades, the education is delivered in English or French at the choice, while the graduates, according to the teachers, are fluent in four languages. The school prepares its students for admission to the best universities of the world.

After graduating from Le Rosey, Dmitry Tyurin has enrolled at one of such establishments – University College London (UCL) that has educated 26 Nobel Prize winners through its 190-year history. Interestingly, both Le Rosey and UCL have their own communities of graduates – Ancien Roséen and UCL Graduates – operating as closed aristocratic clubs. On their social networks, representatives of different generations of graduates communicate with people of their class, establish business contacts, and often acquire families.


Building of London University College

Upon getting such a brilliant education, Dmitry Tyurin became for thief in law Tyurik a ‘pass’ to the world upper society and cross-border community of potential business partners. The leader of Bratskie organized criminal group was always eager to go global. According to the law enforcement authorities, by that time, Tyurik has established, both directly and via his henchmen, control over a number of aluminum, oil, and cellulose producers, as well as some credit and financial organizations. Structures under his control manage real estate in Russia, France, and Spain.

Six years ago, Novaya Gazeta wrote that in 1996, Tyurik has relocated to Spain with his first wife and son and purchased a mansion in the town of Benidorm. Then several homes were acquired in Alicante where a high-profile scandal had later erupted in relation to Vera Metallurgica company and some other structures suspected of money laundering by the Spanish authorities. The Spanish prosecution has named Oleg Shubin, a financial advisor for Vera Metallurgica and several other Spanish companies, a henchman of Tyurik and other Russian criminals who had established a ‘laundromat’ for financial flows. In the course of Operation Wasp, thief in law Zakhar Shakro Molodoy Kalashov having common interest with Tyurik was detained – while Tyurik has suddenly returned to Russia just before the operation. According to the CrimeRussia sources, a corrupt Spanish official has helped him to avoid the arrest.


58-year-old thief in law Vladimir Tyurik Tyurin was crowned by the most influential Russian thieves-in-law: Yaponchik, Ded Khasan, and Shakro Molodoy in 1993. Was convicted for the first time at the age of 16 for complicity in a collective rape. Later had served time for complicity in a home burglary, malicious hooliganism, illegal business activity (he had kept an underground video theater), and involvement of minors into criminal activities. Following a request from Spain, Kazakh citizen Tyurin was arrested in 2010 in Moscow on suspicion of creation of a criminal community and laundering criminal proceeds. It is known that his common-law spouse Maria Maksakova has played an important role in the struggle with the Spanish justice system. According to some information, she has got a legal education specifically to defend the father of her children. On October 20, 2012, Tatiana Vasyuchenko, judge of Presnensky District Court of Moscow, has released Tyurin under home arrest. Later it became known that judge’s husband Yuri Vasyuchenko was a choreographer in the Bolshoi Theatre where Maksakova used to sing. The defense attorneys manage to prove the Russian citizenship of Tyurik, and the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation refused to extradite him to Spain. Currently Tyurik is one of the leaders of the Russian thieves’ elite. After the arrest of Shakro Molodoy, some sources had named him the most likely candidate for the post of thief № 1 earlier held by Shakro Molodoy.


Tyurik and Ded Khasan's gang in 2001

Despite his reputation of a big businessman, currently the name of Vladimir Anatol’evich Tyurin is virtually not mentioned in official tax and financial documents. On the contrary, based on the Consolidated State Register of Legal Entities, his son Dmitry Vladimirovich Tyurin is the founder, cofounder, and general director of a number of legal entities incorporated in Moscow and Bratsk.

Brotherly business

Dmitry Tyurin became the supervisor of the father’s business in Bratsk not long ago – in 2011. Earlier, another representative of the family clan, Vyacheslav Anatol’evich Tyurin, brother of the thief in law, had represented the interests of Tyurik in the Irkutsk region. Then he has relocated to St. Petersburg and currently manages some structure controlled by Tyurik in that city – Skai Al’yans (Sky Alliance) Limited Liability Company and TsP Limited Liability Company.

According to the Consolidated State Register of Legal Entities, his nephew Dmitry Vladimirovich Tyurin owns 50% shares in the following Bratsk-based companies: Promis Limited Liability Company, Germes (Hermes) Management Company Limited Liability Company, Bratsk Investment Complex Limited Liability Company, OGR Limited Liability Company, Region East Siberia – Product Trade Limited Liability Company, Baikal Trade Center, and BratskSibResurs Limited Liability Company that has built it. He also owns 32% of assets of Sila Sibiri (Power of Siberia) Limited Liability Company specializing in precious stone mining.

After the arrival of Dmitry Tyurin to Bratsk, a ‘rejuvenation’ of companies’ cofounders has occurred. Aleksander Bublik, enforcer in Azenbi village, and authority Vladimir Molyakov, ex-Municipal Deputy currently serving a prison term, have been replaced by young professionals with economic and management education: Sergei Silko (real estate) and Mikhail Shchetkin (markets and trade complexes).

Dmitry Tyurin is involved into the international business projects of his father as well. For instance, Boster Resources Ltd. offshore company has been incorporated in his name in the British Virgin Islands. Its traces prior to October 2014 were found in OffshoreLeaks database among the Panama Papers of Mossack Fonseca. It is necessary to note that the permanent residence address of Dmitry Tyurin mentioned in the company’s documents – 4-39 Bolshaya Polyanka st., Moscow – matches the address where his father used to live together with Maria Maksakova and their children until recently. Thief in law Tyurik had also provided this address as the place of his permanent residence in 2015 – on the video showing the last ‘prophylactic’ arrest of participants of a thieves’ congregation by the General Administration of Criminal Investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the Russian Federation in the office of Stolitsa (Capital) company located in Bolshoi Savvinsky lane. According to the CrimeRussia sources, the apartment on Bolshaya Polyanka Street has been sold to other owners – but this could be a formal transfer of the property to affiliated persons.

Even if the apartment has been really sold, the thief in law and his relatives have plenty of places to live in Moscow. According to Novaya Gazeta, Tyurik owns a luxury home in elite Nikolino community on Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway, while Dmitry Tyurin lives in Palitsy settlement not far from that place. The Tyurin family reportedly owns several other luxury properties in Moscow.


In the capital, son Dmitry also acts as the ‘legal front’ for some business structures of Tyurik. According to the Consolidated State Register of Legal Entities, Dmitry Vladimirovich Tyurin co-owns Kazakhoil Moskva Limited Liability Company specializing in oil production and sales in equal shares with Kazakhoil Trans World Group. In addition, he owns 100% Robur Limited Liability Company and Selko Life Group Limited Liability Company specializing in ore and precious metal (gold, silver, and platinum group metals) sands mining and wholesale trade of metals and metal ores. Based on the documents, Dmitry Tyurin is also the General Director of these companies.

It is necessary to note that the murder charges laid by the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine against Vladimir Tyurin and his son haven’t attracted the interest of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICR) that also investigates that case.

Furthermore, Vladimir Tyurin has personally visited the ICR and explained the investigators that he neither had any claims against Voronenkov, nor was jealous of Maria Maksakova whom he had separated with many years ago, nor had any ties with the secret services. The ICR operatives are inclined to link the murder of the fugitive ex-Deputy with his business – Voronenkov had crossed paths to too many people. The investigators have also disregarded the allegations of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office about the possible complicity of Dmitry Tyurin in the criminal scheme. However, The CrimeRussia became aware that the Russian law enforcement authorities might have questions to him in relation to a completely different matter.

The collapsed bank

The most interesting – from the Criminal Code perspective – asset of Dmitry Tyurin is International Commercial Bank for Investments and Technologies Development (RIT Bank) Limited Liability Company established in Moscow in February 1994. In 2015, it has been re-registered as RITZ Bank in the Republic of Karelia. Dmitry Tyurin owns the largest portfolio of shares in this credit organization – 9.71%.


Dmitry Tyurin

Other bank cofounders include Dmitry Khasanov (9.60%), Elmira Miloserdova (9.20%), Ertoshtuk Chyngaraev (9.60%), Alina Rudakova (9.43%), Aleksei Bovolsky (9.67%), Chairperson of the Board of Directors Svetlana Demidova (9.33%), member of the Board of Directors Yuri Kuchin (9.00%), Konstantin Masterov (9.00%), Frukt Market (Fruit Market) Limited Liability Company (8.60%), and Irina Krasnova (6.86%).

In 2016, Dmitry Khasanov, Head of the Board of Directors, and Elmira Miloserdova, member of the Board of Directors, have been arrested in Rostov-on-Don in the framework of a criminal case pertaining to embezzlements in Korporatsiya Razvitiya (Development Corporation). They were detained together with Sergei Maslov, General Director of the corporation, and his deputy Vladimir Karamanov. It was reported that the top managers of RITZ Bank had provided financial and legal services to the management of Korporatsiya Razvitiya. However, the court has later released them.

On May 29, 2017, the Bank of Russia has revoked the license of RITZ Bank due to a severe liquidity shortage. This decision has been made due to the “dishonesty in the actions of the management and owners of the credit organization” who had siphoned off bank’s assets. In addition, RITZ Bank had stopped meeting its liabilities to creditors and ceased clients operations. The Arbitration Court has declared the bank a bankrupt. Then a ‘hole’ has been discovered in its budget in the amount of 207.5 million rubles ($3.6 million), which was 41 times higher than the total cost of the bank’s assets. The bank was not a member of the deposit insurance system supervised by the Deposit Insurance Agency of Russia – therefore, its indebtedness to the creditors had to be paid off through sales of its assets.

The Bank of Russia has also reported that the interim administration appointed to manage RITZ Bank had encountered a sabotage since the first day of its work. The bank management haven’t provided records of transactions made prior to the license revocation, databases, and other information. The Bank of Russia experts believe that the owners and managers of the financial organization are trying to cover up the embezzlements of the bank’s assets. The financial regulator has found constituent elements of a criminal offence in these actions and addressed the MIA, ICR, and Prosecutor General’s Office.




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