Azerbaijanian slain in Tbilisi turns out to be one of Guli’s deathmen 

Azerbaijanian slain in Tbilisi turns out to be one of Guli’s deathmen
Murder scene

Rafik Masallinsky continues to avenge his cut ear.⁠

Georgia found itself in the midst of the clan war between Azerbaijani thieves in law. The 42-year-old Azerbaijani man killed in Tbilisi the day before turned out to be one of the punishers of thief in law Nadir Salifov (Guli). The shot in December 2016 thief took the main part in the massacre of Rafik Eivazov (Rafik Masallinsky).

The previous day Georgian TV channel Rustavi-2 reported that Azerbaijani citizen Elshan Mamedov was fatally shot in the tourist center of Tbilisi. Overnight into September 12 an unknown person shot the car of Mamedov – a Toyota Land Cruiser. The press reported that the killer fired about eight shots. One of them turned out to be fatal for the Azerbaijani.


Bullet holes were found on the windows on both sides of the SUV, which created an inference about two attackers. Meanwhile, the criminal or several murderers managed to escape.


Interestingly, before getting into his off-road car Elshan Mamedov had dinner at Bread House restaurant with Ilgam Gadzhiev, the right-hand man of thief in law Nadir Salifov.

Эльшан Мамедов

The Georgian media also wrote that the name of Elshan Mamedov was also mentioned in the case on the murder of Azerbaijani thief in law Rovshan Dzhaniev, known by the nickname Rovshan Lenkoransky. However, according to updated information, Mamedov is a wing man of Guli, whose clan was at odds with Rovshan Lenkoransky. It was Rafik Masallinsky who ordered Elshan Mamedov. The gist is that the latter continues to seek revenge for the carnage against him that was arranged by Guli in December 2016. Then Rafik Masallinsky was severely beaten and his ear was cut off. After the incident, the thief in law promised to avenge his abusers and kill every participant of the massacre committed over him.

When it comes to the shot Elshan Mamedov, it was him who lured Rafik Masallinsky to a meeting in his restaurant, where he set a table for him, and then arranged a demonstrative beating. To top it all, all this was filmed on camera and distributed in certain circles. Mamedov had a reputation as one of the most ruthless punishers of Guli.


42-year-old native of Baku Elshan Mamedov is listed on the federal wanted list of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. In Russia he was wanted for robbery, committed in February 2015 in Moscow.

According to some information, Rafik Eivazov forked out $500.000 for the murder of Mamedov. The criminal found the hit men among Talyshes. The financial sponsor here was 39-year-old Moscow businessman, one of the tenants of the largest agro-cluster Food City Zaur Akhmedov. Probably, Akhmedov decided to help Rafik Masallinskiy on the principle "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". The businessman, who was a cousin and brother-in-law of the shot in August 2016 Rovshan Lenkoransky, promised to take revenge on Guli's clan for the death of the most influential criminal. In January 2017, thief in law Rashad Ismailov (Rashad Giandzhinsky), close to Guli, announced in the criminal environment that Rovshan Lenkoransky was killed in Istanbul by his order. Officially, the murder has not been detected yet.

Earlier, the people of Rafik Masallinsky had already eliminated several people of Guli. Thus, in April 2017, 42-year-old Dzhabir Gasanov was killed. Gasanov, who took part in the bloody massacre of Rafik, was shot in St. Petersburg near the entrance of house No. 148 on Leninsky Avenue. Siloviki of the northern capital managed to identify and detain the killer, he was 42-year-old Azerbaijani citizen Nazim Nusratov. A month later, in May of this year, an attempt was made in Odessa on two people close to Guli - Ilgam Gadzhiev and Oktai Arkhaly. They were exposed to the attack by the unknown while in a BMW 5 car. Judging by the fact that both got off slightly injured (back and hands were wounded), the attackers' goal was to intimidate rather than eliminate the passengers of the car.

In addition, Rafik Massalinsky, having enlisted the support of a number of crime bosses, decided to strike at the criminal business of the enemy. The gunmen of the thief coalition have already committed a series of robbery attacks against Russian and foreign businessmen working under the 'roof' of Guli. It was intelligently explained to the victims that they had suffered for their cooperation with Nadir Salifov.



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