Azerbaijani singer comments on information about her affair with crime lord Guli

Azerbaijani singer comments on information about her affair with crime lord Guli
Afag Aslan

Afag Aslan does not refute the rumors about her affair with the famous thief in law.

Azerbaijani singer Afag Aslan did not give a definite answer to the question about her possible affair with thief in law Nadir Salifov (Guli). When asked by Sputnik Azerbaijan, as in her past interviews, she did not go beyond using general phrases about her reluctance to discuss her personal life. According to her, it is only her work that matters to the audience.

“I've never talked about my personal life, and I'm not going to do it now. This is what ‘personal’ stands for. Maybe it will happen someday, but not now,” Aslan said.

At the same time, the singer noted that she does not see anything wrong with being in a relationship with a criminal world representative.

“It was a woman who gave birth to the crime lord; he has parents; he also has a heart, like every one of us, that is, he's no different from us,” Aslan concluded.

According to the publication, the well-known Azerbaijani singer and model has recently become popular not only in her own country but also in neighboring Turkey, where Guli resided until recently.

As previously reported by The CrimeRussia, more and more information has appeared on the Internet hinting at the connection between the singer and the thief. In particular, according to’s sources, Afag Aslan has been seen in the company of Guli in the restaurants of Istanbul. The girl has published a romantic picture that said ‘A+N,’ which may stand for ‘Afag+Nadir,’ on her Instagram account. 

Also, Guli’s page was the only one that to which the singer was subscribed in Instagram until recently. Despite the fact that the number of her subscribers has exceeded 100 thousand.

In interviews, she often said that her loved one lived in Turkey. 

To recall, after being released from prison in October 2017, Salifov found himself in Turkey already on the next day, where he moved into a big house near Istanbul. According to some sources, his mother, brothers, and children live with him. It has been recently reported that the Turkish authorities had declared him persona non grata, after which Salifov went to the UAE.

There has been conflicting information about his whereabouts since then. It was reported that he visited Russia’s St. Petersburg, and then Baku.



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