Authoritative Zayka appealed against sentence 

Authoritative Zayka appealed against sentence
Influential Azerbaijani authority Zaur Aliev

Zaur Aliev's lawyers, sentenced to 18 years in prison, require a revision of the decision.⁠

Lawyers of Zaur Aliev, who is sentenced to 18 years in prison, require revision of the decision. Lawyers of the criminal authority Zaur Aliev (Zayka) did not agree with the decision rendered by the Moscow City Court and appealed against it. He and his four accomplices, Namik Ganbarov, Anar Nasirov, Elnur and Anar Usubovs, were found guilty of Extortion (Art. 163 of the Criminal Code), Banditry (Art. 209 of the Criminal Code), Kidnapping (Art. 126 of the Criminal Code), Robbery (Art. 162 of the Сriminal Code) and Money Laundering (Art. 174 of the Сriminal Code) by a jury in November of 2016.

Then, the court sentenced the leader of the gang to 18 years of imprisonment in a strict regime penal colony. Ganbarov, Yusubov brothers and Nasirov were sentenced to terms ranging from 13 to 15 years in prison. The court also upheld the alleged victims' civil claims amounting to 10.8 million rubles. During the investigation it was found that the criminal group was organized by Zaur Aliev, highly respected in the Azerbaijani diaspora. Aliev was authoritative in criminal circles too. The Zayka's gang were racketeering their own countrymen. The criminals extorted large sums of money from Azerbaijani businessmen doing business in Moscow and the Moscow region. They suggested the 'roof', and those, who refused, were threatened with violence.

According to informed sources, at some point Zayka became so authoritative in the criminal world that could compete with criminal groups, controlled by two Azerbaijani thieves in law - Nadir Salifov nicknamed Guli, and the late Rovshan Lenkoransky.


The Aliev's gang was caught by the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department in November 2014. Zayka was placed in Matrosskaya Tishina, where he was brutally beaten. The crowd headed by Nazim Humbatov (Nazim Khoromoy) and authority Erdak Lyankoransky broke into his cell.

The entire process was filmed on mobile phone cameras and broadcasted on Skype. It is learned that the beating was a revenge of Guli and Rovshan. During one of the fights Zayka said Salifov something that the thief in law regarded as an insult. Rovshan Lenkoransky also had an axe to grind with Aliev.

Zayka was beaten and tortured for several hours, demanding an apology. Sources from the Aliev's inner circle told that he could break only when the attackers began to threaten his pregnant wife using a cell phone.

The highest thieves' council got wise to the massacre in jail and decided that the fate of Zayka "was solved without the participation of jail's underboss Nukri Dochiya”. Therefore, the beating was illegal. In response, Dochiya with other prisoners brutally beat seven participants in the attack on Zayka.



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