Attempt on thief in law Guli averted due to surveillance of Turkish mafia

Attempt on thief in law Guli averted due to surveillance of Turkish mafia
Detention in Turkey

Being tailed, drug lord Mehmet Sabri Şirin led the police to a shopping center, where the meeting between the brother of Rovshan Lenkoransky and his people was to take place.

Turkish law enforcers have hunted the conspirators, who had been preparing an attempt on thief in law Nadir Salifov (aka Guli), through a local drug ring. According to Vesti.Az citing the Turkish media, the police had put the drug gang’s leader Mehmet Sabri Şirin under surveillance five months ago after the massacre of the head of another crime group nicknamed Saral. The bandits had failed to share the money from the sale of drugs.

When Şirinler came to meet with the brother of late thief in law Rovshan Lenkoransky, Namik Dzhaniev, in early November, all of the meeting participants were detained.

According to the Turkish mafiosi, they had come to the shopping center located in Istanbul's Bahçelievler district to dine in a fashionable restaurant. However, their real aim was to discuss with Dzhaniev and other followers of Rovshan Lenkoransky the elimination of the deceased thief in law’s old enemy – Guli, whom everyone believe to be guilty of Rovshan Dzhaniev’s death. 

As law enforcers found out, a real combat operation had been prepared by killers from Azerbaijan and Turkey, during which it was planned to storm the house of Nadir Salifov in Istanbul. As reported by’s source, the hitmen had planned to kill not only Guli, but also all of his entourage. In addition to the pistols seized from the bandits, they were armed with hand grenades. In Dzhaniev’s phone, there was a detailed scheme of Salifov's house in Istanbul and the adjacent territory.

A group of killers had arrived in Turkey along with Dzhaniev, including ‘staff’ hitman of the thief in law’s clan Khadzhi Beylagansky and Dzhamal Gasanov, declared wanted in Russia on suspicion of murdering one of Guli’s associates.

Considering the combat group’s danger, the special operation in the shopping center was conducted by members of the antiterrorist police and special forces. The shopping center was cordoned off, there were ambulance cars on duty outside, and the traffic was stopped in the area of operation. A total of 11 persons were detained. 

A few days later, it became known that law enforcers were going to charge Dzhaniev with the preparation of Salifov’s murder due the discovery of confirming evidence.

To recall, thief in law Nadir Salifov, who has been recently released from an Azerbaijani prison after serving a 22-year sentence, is considered one of the most likely paymasters of Rovshan Dzhaniev's (Lenkoransky) murder in August 2016 in Istanbul. Despite such a long time behind bars, Guli had controlled the business of his compatriots in a number of CIS countries and in many Russian regions through his protégés.

Şirinler is known as one of the most powerful OPG, which controls the trafficking of heroin in Turkey.



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