Associates of ‘thief in law’ Shishkan: Egorka put on wanted list, case into Kamysh’s suicide to be reopened

Associates of ‘thief in law’ Shishkan: Egorka put on wanted list, case into Kamysh’s suicide to be reopened
Shishkan and respected people

Egor Esin and Viacheslav Kamyshev were natives of the crime gangs.

There are no more close associates of a ‘thief in law’ Oleg Shishkanov in Russia, reports Rosbalt. With that, Egor Esin (aka Egorka) who is considered the right hand of the ‘authority’ has been put on an international wanted list. Another close assistant of Shishkan - Viacheslav Kamyshev (aka Kamysh) died under strange circumstances.

Rosbalt notes that in 1990s, Esin was a member of a Moscow gang and then moved to Shishkan’s group. Initially, he was the thief’s driver, but was briskly promoted, having become one of the closest assistants of the head. In particular, Esin was responsible for all the economic issues.

Source of Rosbalt told that the businessman supervised all projects related to sand extraction, as well as AO Plemzavod Ramenskoye that was headed by Tatiana Sidorova who disappeared along with her family. It was the sand pits and stud farms that earned gigantic profits for them.

With that, credits worth of 4.5 billion rubles ($71 million) were allocated for the renovation of the factory, but only 15-20 per cent of the amount was spent on the needs of the company, the source states. The rest went to Shishkan.

When it was time to give back the debts, there emerged a conflict between Sidorova and her criminal ‘protector’. In 2012, according to eyewitnesses, there was a heated discussion about something between Sidorova and Esin. After that, she disappeared along with her family. After that, the company was declared bankrupt. It was found out that half of its 4.5 hectares of land had been sold for construction. The money mainly went to the members of Ramenskoye.

Operatives believe that the official and her relatives are dead. The case into disappearance of Sidorova gave birth to cases into creation of an organized criminal group by Shishkan.

The source also noted that the ‘thief’ had been warned about the arrest a month ahead. But Shishkan was convinced of his untouchability, so he decided to stay. Esin fled abroad. Soon after, his family left the Moscow region, as well.

As for the deceased Viacheslav Kamyshev, he had been a part of the criminal world for a long time and used methods of 1990s. So he was responsible for military operations - including gathering money from businessmen.

The agency’s source says a few years ago, Kamysh was detained on suspicion of commission of a crime and was sent to a remand prison. In conclusion, Kamysh started pouring heart out with operatives, and members of Ramenskoye group did their best to release him. And he was released. And in a few days, he was found hanging in his home. The incident was considered suicide. But now, the case is likely to be reconsidered.



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