“As though there’re no other code-bound thieves.” Akhmed Sutuly’s fate be determined by Shakro Molodoy 

“As though there’re no other code-bound thieves.” Akhmed Sutuly’s fate be determined by Shakro Molodoy
Akhmed Sutuly

The code-bound thief’s status of the Ingush has long been filled with conflict.

The issue on a code-bound thief’s status of Akhmed Evloev (Dulat Yolu) aka Akhmed Sutuly might settle shortly. It is to be recalled that Evloev’s ‘authority’ was not recognized in Kashirsk remand center where he was put in early August following his arrest based on the drug trade. In particular, an enforcer Rasul Abazinets refused to turn a blind eye to Evloev’s botch-ups. A code-bound thief Evgeny Veselkin aka Vesely (the Cheerful) tried to help the situation with Akhmed Sutuly, but his attempt failed. Especially since Rasul Abazinets was supported by code-bound thieves Egor Ufimsky, Giya Sverdlovsky, Gevorik Neftekamsky and Tengo Pitersky who confirmed that Abazinets’ actions obtain approval from them. As for Evloev, he was hinted that they have serious complaints against him, however, so far, they do not run the story. In particular, they did not like Evloev’s behavior in a Kazakhstani ‘red zone’ and his 2013 grudge with a member of Khasansky tribe, a code-bound thief Gevorg Grigoryan (aka Gevorik Neftekamsky). Then, Gevorik Neftekamsky was hit in the head with a bottle, and his friend was stabbed following a scuffle against Akhmed Sutuly and his confidants. Sutuly’s situation was compounded by the fact that he had already lost his ‘code-bound thief’s crown’ by that time. In 2009, in Matrosskaya Tishina, a tip was received that Evloev is relevant to contract murders and cooperates with enforcement bodies. The data was ‘signed’ by such heavyweight figures as Yaponchik, Pichuga, Vasya Voskres, Shakro Molodoy, and others.

Nevertheless, it did not change the attitude to him on the part of the members of a Sukhumi clan competing Ded Hasan’s. In 2012, Akhmed Sutuly was even called upon to ‘coronation’ by 15 people.

Finally, in early 2017, when Evloev stopped by Moscow’s Butyrka Prison, his code-bound thief’s status was supported by Sergey Asatryan (aka Osetrina Jr., Serega Bentley) who was also there at the same time.

Осетрина-младший и Ахмед Сутулый в СИЗО

Osetrina Jr. and Akhmed Sutuly in remand prison

Earlier, it was reported by CrimeRussia that Asatryan had spread a kite on Sutuly’s status. However, shortly after, Sutuly messed around again when he manhandled an enforcer Dato who had voiced Lasha Shushanashvili’s (aka Lasha Rustavsky) negative opinion on a code-bound thief Lasha Barateli.

In April 2017, Sutuly was ‘uncrowned’ for a second time during a massive meeting of code-bound thieves of Lasha Shushanashvili’s in Greece. As for Osetrina Jr. who had supported Sutuly’s step when the latter had manhandled Dato, he was ‘uncrowned,’ as well. Later, Asatryan justified his conduct by saying he was unaware of Sutuly’s status.

Now, when Shakro Molodoy is informed about the Evloev’s situation, decisions are expected to bring the matter to closure. However, it is known that Evloev - having foreseen that it all might not be the best thing for him - expressed his negative opinion on the fact that his fate is in the hands of Kalashov. “As though there’re no other code-bound thieves.” He said.

The native of the Republic of Ingushetia Akhmed Evloev was ‘crown’ in Moscow in 1996 by the behest of a code-bound thief Merab Bakhia who was Merab Jangveladze’s follower. After that, Akhmed Sutuly found himself in Kazakhstan where he was criminally prosecuted. Arbitrary acts of the administration reportedly prevailed in prison he spent time in, so he did not influence the prison, was not called a code-bound thief and even wore an armband (signifying cooperation with the prison’s administration).



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