Armenian thieves oppose ‘anti-thief’ law, attempted mass riot suppressed

Armenian thieves oppose ‘anti-thief’ law, attempted mass riot suppressed

Minister of Justice of Armenia, Rustam Badasyan, stated that the situation was under the control of the authorities.

Armenian authorities have thwarted an attempt at a mass riot in the colonies, EA Daily reports citing the country's Minister of Justice Rustam Badasyan. According to to the Armenian Ministry of Justice, disobedience was prevented by employees of correctional institutions. 

“On September 5, manifestations of disobedience were recorded in the penal institutions of Armenia, which were suppressed thanks to the prompt actions of employees,” Badasyan said. 

According to Badasyan, authorities are currently in control of the situation. The rebellious sentiment among the prisoners has been neutralized, the minister said. 

It is also noted that in case of new riot attempts, the Minister and the Penitentiary Service will take measures within the framework of the law. 

According to Armenian media, riot attempts were recorded in the Nubarashen and Hrazdan colonies. Disobedience is associated with the ‘anti-thief’ bill passed by the Armenian government on August 29, which criminalizes the status of thieves in law, as well as ties with thieves.

It was previously reported that thieves were being pressured in Armenian colonies. Allegedly, the Ministry of Justice has tightened control over the items and correspondence transferred to prisoners. It was reported that as a result of inspections, mobile phones, Internet equipment, and drugs were found on convicts.



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