Armenian special services search office of mob Armen Kanevskoy's brother

Armenian special services search office of mob Armen Kanevskoy's brother
Ded Hasan and Artem Kanevskoy

Last week Artem Harutyunyan was detained by the local police among other criminal mobs.

The National Security Service of Armenia conducts operational activities in the office of shot caller Artem Harutyunyan (Kanevskoy). This is reported by the with reference to the NSS press secretary Samson Galstyan.

Recall, on June 20 the Armenian siloviki conducted a large-scale operation throughout the country, during which they visited the homes of dozens of thieves in law and shot callers. Some of them were then taken to the police units for explanatory talks. Harutyunyan is the brother of late thief in law Armen Harutyunyan (Kanevskoy) - the protege of Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan) in the Krasnodar Territory.

Artem has not thief in law title, but despite this, he has a certain reputation in Armenia and abroad. As it became known from protege of Gia Kutaissky and Alfason Artur Atabekyan (Artur Molodoy), who was in a pretrial detention center, Artem Harutyunyan took part in organizing a global thieves' meeting in Yerevan in 2015, convened by Shakro Molodoy.

So, Artem Kanevsky is on the hook of law enforcers. In 2017 they detained a motor convoy that accompanied the mob.

Among other representatives of the criminal world who were subjected to recent searches there were Samvel Arutyunyan (Samvelik), Zhirayr Brutyan (Giro Shaumyan), Suren Avetisyan (Suro Leninakansky), Artem Gazaryan (Artemik Leninakansky), Armen Manukyan (Sevo), Gevorg Melikyan (Gevorg Oshakansky), Norayr Piloyan (Koncho), Suren Avetisyan (Surik Leninakansky), Samvel Harutyunyan (Maneti tgha Samo), Rafael Khoetsyan (Afo), son of another thief in law Rafik Khoetsian (Khoi) and others.

Weapons, ammunition, and drugs were found during searches.

Searches at representatives of the thieves' world began immediately after the velvet revolution when Nikol Pashinyan became prime minister.

For two months the siloviki conducted preventive talks with dozens of mobs, prevented the gathering that was to take place in one of the Yerevan hotels, and forced grandson of Ded Hasan Irakli to leave the country.

Recall, thief in law Armen Harutyunyan died on December 18, 2010, in Astrakhan from a severe form of diabetes mellitus. He was crowned in 1997 in Krasnodar on the thieves' gathering under Ded Hasan's reign.



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