Armenian driver from 90s detained in Uzhgorod

Armenian driver from 90s detained in Uzhgorod
Arrested Armenian mob

The mob from Armenia was detained in the Ukrainian city of Uzhgorod.

According to the press service of the State Border Service of Ukraine, called himself a Ukrainian trying to mislead law enforcement officers. At the same time, he did not have any documents (including passports), except for the driver's license issued in the early 90s in Armenia.

The operatives quickly established that he was a citizen of this country, and besides, he had a rich criminal past - he was recently released after serving his sentence for committing some crimes on the territory of Ukraine. In particular, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison for robbery.

After that, the mob moved to Transcarpathia, where he continued his illegal activities, the Frontier Service of Ukraine noted.

Now the foreigner is placed in the temporary office of the border detachment. After carrying out the appropriate procedural measures, it is planned to transfer him to the National Police.

He faces charges under Art. 202 (Violation of the border regime, the regime at checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine, or regime rules at the entry and exit checkpoints).

Ukrainian security forces regularly detain mobs and thieves in law, suppress gatherings, however, as a rule, most of the detainees are soon freed because the legislation of the country has no effective ways to combat with organized crime and the thievish community.

As the head of the National Investigation Department of Ukraine’s National Investigation Department, Roman Osukhovsky, said recently, about 20 thieves in law reside on the territory of Ukraine at present.

Last year, police detained 14 thieves in law on the territory of Ukraine, whereas in 2017, 11 mobs were arrested. Most of them were detained in the capital of Ukraine and expelled from the country.



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