Armenian diplomat Robson’s robust health secret: Thieves’ treatment in Karlovy Vary  

Armenian diplomat Robson’s robust health secret: Thieves’ treatment in Karlovy Vary

New details of the intricate incident in Karlovy Vary, associated with assistant to State Duma deputy Alexander Karelin and president of the Wrestling Federation of Sochi, Ruben Tatulyan, known in certain circles as Robson, came to the surface.⁠

Thieves in law Gayoz Zviadadze (Giya Kutaissky), Gela Kardava (Gela) and his newly crowned godson, Muscovite Dmitry Zabrodin were put in the a temporary holding facility after the detention. This was reported by well-known Czech publication Prague Telegraph. They were detained on May, 13 in Karlovy Vary as a result of a police operation conducted by detectives of the Office for Combating Organized Crime of the Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs, the publication noted.

Commenting on this information for Prague Telegraph, Katerzhina Bemova, the press secretary of the Karlovy Vary Regional Branch of the Czech Police, confirmed the detention of only two people. "One of them was released after the identification, the second one was arrested because his passport turned out to be false", Katerzhina Bemova told.

According to her, the detained foreigner aged 43 years was sentenced to a fine and deportation from the country. Previously, The CrimeRussia has reported that Gela Kardava presented documents in the name of Oleg Golomb during the detention. Recently the thief in law has shown the same passport to the Ukrainian police.


Detention of Gela Kardava in Ukraine (archive photo)

"The rights of Ruben Tatulyan, the holder of the diplomatic passport of Armenia, were not violated, and he was not restricted in movement", Bemova explained.

In mid-May a number of media reported that on that day the Czech resort town, known for its therapeutic thermal springs, witnessed the disruption of the gathering of thieves in law, also attended by well-known Sochi businessman Ruben Tatulyan. At first it was reported that Tatulyan sponsored the thieves’ ‘conference’, at which two new criminals were supposed to be ‘crowned’. However, after a while a number of denials followed in the media, both from Tatulyan himself, who called the information "paid nonsense", and even from the Czech police, who assured that the owner of the Armenian diplomatic passport "just went through the check of documents".

Thus, in response to a request by The CrimeRussia trying to clarify the situation, Czech law enforcers at first redirected us to each other several times, from one instance to another instance, and then they sent an official document according to which "the personal freedom of Ruben Tatulyan was not limited in any way and there is no criminal investigation against him". In interviews with a number of Armenian and Russian online publications Tatulyan himself tells that he flew to Karlovy Vary to receive medical treatment. Which he does regularly, and is not aware of any thieves in the law.

Ruben Tatulyan, nicknamed Robson, is known as an entrepreneur and patron, assistant to State Duma deputy Alexander Karelin and president of the Wrestling Federation of Sochi. He is also co-owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of SPA-Hotel Vesna LLC, Novy Vek Media LLC and several commercial facilities in Sochi with a total area of about 70,000 sq. meters with revenues of about 850-900 million rubles ($14.9-15.8m) a year. However, there is another side of the coin.

As reported by the media, at one time Tatulyan was the mafia enforcer of thief in law Ded Hasan in Sochi and beyond. His influence extended to a significant part of the south of Russia.


Ruben Tatulyan and Aslan Usoyan

Recently, Ruben Tatulyan has been vigorously working on whitewashing his image, trying to convince the public of his noninvolvement in the criminal environment. In the fight against reports in the media, court actions and threats of extrajudicial executions also take place. But numerous photographs, on which Tatulyan strikes poses with thieves in law, evidence the opposite.

The Armenian Foreign Ministry also confirms that Ruben Tatulyan has a diplomatic passport. According to the representative of the Armenian Foreign Ministry, the businessman received the document on legal grounds – "for active work aimed at the economic development of the country, attracting new investments". However, Tatulyan's diplomatic passport had already appeared in related scandals. In particular, in February 2016, the businessman showed it at the airport in Sochi, where his Gelandewagen demolished the barrier.




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