Armenian businessman's murder in Moscow might be revenge for Gio Gurza's death 

Armenian businessman's murder in Moscow might be revenge for Gio Gurza's death
Georgy Shirinov (far right)

While investigating the murder of a native of Armenia in the south-west of the capital investigators picked up his possible involvement in the death of a kingpin.

A possible motive for the loud contract killing of the Armenian businessman on the Litovsky Boulevard in Moscow might be revenge for the recent killing of thief in law Georgy Shirinov known in the criminal world as Gio Gurza.

According to the agency Rosbalt, during the investigation of the businessman Gevorg Gevorkyan's shooting in the south-west of the capital, it was revealed that, in late October, the victim was involved in a fight and beat someone. According to some information, the beaten was the thief in law.

As previously the CrimeRussia reported, thief in law Gio Gurza was beaten in late October in Moscow by unknown and then taken to the city's hospital with a brain injury. The injury turned out to be incompatible with life – the thief died without regaining consciousness.

The murder of a member of Merab Mzarelua's gang, who is considered the organizer of Chia and Reziko Dzhvarsky's murder might be aligned with enmity of thieves' clans, according to an informed source. During the investigation, Rosbalt noted, investigators found that Shirinov previously had a conflict with a group of immigrants from Armenia.

However, the source pointed out that the version of the law enforcement agencies is not the main, although, more evidences corroborate this version.

Recall, the murder of Armenian businessman Gevorg Gevorkyan, which has signs of contract killing, was committed on the night of 24 November on the Litovsky Boulevard in Moscow.


Involved in Moscow construction business Mr Gevorkyan was shot with a machine gun in his car. The murder weapon was 5.45 mm shortened Kalashnikov assault rifle; it was found 300 meters away from the body by the arrived ambulance car.

Upon Gevorkyan murder a criminal case was initiated under articles Murder and Arms Trafficking.



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