Armenia fears influx of Georgian thieves in law

Armenia fears influx of Georgian thieves in law

Criminal leaders could take root because of the Criminal Code specifics.

Armenia is intriguing for thieves in law from Georgia. Doctor of jurisprudence and Georgian lawyer Georgy Koyava made this conclusion. According to him, there is no article in the Criminal Code of Armenia that prohibits the title of thief in law. Georgia could sentence a person for one positive response to the question "Are you a thief?" to up to 10 years in prison. He could get from 5 to 8 years for belonging to the thieves' world.

Now, criminal leaders, most of whom are Georgians, are afraid to fly to Tbilisi. Georgy Koyava notes that he does not call the Armenian authorities to revise the country's Criminal Code, but he suggests that to prick up ears. "By the way, among the thieves in law there are many citizens of Georgia of Armenian origin," says Koyava.

He is supported by Doctor of Political Science, military expert Vakhtang Maisai, noting that in 2017 the Tbilisi City Court considered 20 criminal cases on the grounds of belonging to the thieves' world, the accused were acquitted in six cases.



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