Armavir says goodbye to former mob Mishka Cherkes

Armavir says goodbye to former mob Mishka Cherkes
Muhamed Petov (on the left)

He went down in history of the thieves' world as the first and only crowned Adighe.

The body of 50-year-old former thief in law Muhamed Petov, better known as Mishka Cherkes, was taken from Germany, where he lived in recent years and died from cardiopulmonary arrest. Palsy Petov was to take meds.

Muhamed Petov was crowned in 1993 by Armavir mob of Armenian origin Nodar Shtamanetyan. He considered Mishka Cherkes as a mean to avoid any problems with the Adyghean diaspora. Nodar got the support of Cherkes, for whom the thief status opened up additional financial prospects. And despite the resistance of the Slav thieves from Krasnodar Vladimir Volkov (Volchok) and Viktor Begdash (Schenok), the nomination of 24-year-old Petov, who served term for group rape, was approved by a majority vote.

After the death of Nodar in a car crash in 1994, Petov completely reigned in the town. He took away the most lucrative enterprises of catering and gambling business. His gang was involved in carjacking. They returned cars to the owners for a cash reward.

Soon the influence of Cherkes has grown to the scale of the entire Kuban. In the mid-1990s, he even owned a regional common fund, which he voluntarily handed over to Volchok. In principle, having an unbridled character, he was a rival to Ded Hasan and a number of other mobs. As a result, after several attempts on him, he got a serious wound in 2003 and was forced to packed in.

However, Petov was disowned only after 1.5 years. At the gathering Cherkes was taken in a recumbent state by the Gazelle, and his interests were represented by Volchok, Pezo, Lev and Haji Stavropolsky, Alik Sochinsky, Artur Garibaldi and Roma Kashchei. Nevertheless, the arguments presented by Ded Hasan's representatives disowned Petov. He was charged with squandering common fund, lawlessness, and rape of the wife of one of the underbosses.

There is information that soon after the murder of Ded Hasan Cherkes wanted to restore his status, even $3 million was allocated. Among those who could lobby for this, there were Edik Asatryan (Osetrina), who knew Cherkes through Rostov gangsters, and Shishkan. However, this was never happened. And the region is under control of protege of Ded Hasan Ara Muradyan (Ara Armavirsky).



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