‘Market wars’. Thieves in law Taro and Akhmed Shalinsky capable of remolding criminal world

‘Market wars’. Thieves in law Taro and Akhmed Shalinsky capable of remolding criminal world
Tariel Oniani and Akhmed Dombaev

Two ‘thieves in law’ are expected to be released in 2019. They are capable of remolding the illegal business.

Rosbalt notes it is beyond all doubt that the former wants to become a number one ‘thief in law’. The latter is very likely to move the position of Azerbaijanian ‘thieves in law’ Rovshan Dzhaniev, Vakhid Suleymanov, and Nadir Salifov in the criminal world. With that, the latter half of the year is expected to be full of major ‘conventions’ and intense clashes.

Despite the fact that he has been in prison for more than 10 years now, Tariel Oniani still remains one of the most ‘influential’ ‘thieves in law’.

As for the other conspirators, at the present time, it’s only Taro’s close friend Merab Dzhangveladze who is ‘sitting pretty’.

Tariel Oniani is expected to be released in early summer 2019, however his Russian passport was found to be invalid, and he had already been told he would be deported from the Russian Federation. Oniani has long been on the wanted list in Spain for money laundering and building a criminal community. He’s facing ‘migration’ from the Russian prison to a Spanish one. However, there are rumors that Merab Dzhangveladze did his best to support his friend in this situation. Oniani’s subsequent possible actions are also easy to predict. He will remain abroad and build a strong ‘front line’. In particular, Nadir Salifov (aka Lotu Guli) is expected to be a member of his alliance. And more importantly, Taro will send as many as possible of his representatives to Russia. At the present time, Taro is behind bars, so they do not appear in Russia, due to the fact that it’s fraught with their health and freedom. However, as they have this ‘influential’ patron, they will certainly come back to Russia. In case Oniani’s plans work out, he will be the number one ‘thief in law’.

It is clear that this kind of events comes along with several wrangles (‘thieves in law’ who are now in Russia won’t be too happy with the Taro’s emissaries). However, there might be even more wrangles when another ‘thief in law’ - Akhmed Dombaev - is released. His people were ready to welcome him at liberty in autumn, 2018, but it went awry. Shalinsky had to serve his full sentence. He’s expected to leave the prison in spring, 2019.

Chechen representatives of the criminal world are counting a lot on this ‘thief in law’. He is also likely to be the number one ‘thief in law’, and not only in Chechnya.



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