Anna Kalashnikova photographed in France with Lenya Mackintosh 

Anna Kalashnikova photographed in France with Lenya Mackintosh
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The star was noticed in the company of a famous mafia boss and other men in Saint-Tropez.

Russian artist Anna Kalashnikova started dating the famous mafia boss Leonid Bilunov, also known as Lenya Mackintosh, the media suggest.

Photos of Kalashnikova in the company of crime lord and several other men at a resort in Saint-Tropez were published in the media. Bilunov is known to have spent 15 years in Russian prisons, but he does not have the status of a “thief in law.” 

In the late 90s, he managed to move to France. Thanks to the fact that Mackintosh helped the local counterintelligence in rescuing members of the Exlibr charitable organization from the captivity of North Caucasian terrorists, he received a chance to stay in Europe and permission for permanent residence from the French authorities.


As the media wrote, Bilunov managed to negotiate with the Chechen authorities and decided the issue of release, without disclosing how he succeeded. 

According to the latest data, Lenya Mackintosh has real estate in Paris and a villa in Cannes. The French society perceives him as a businessman, art collector and philanthropist planning to restore the Orthodox Church on the Cote d'Azur.

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