Amursk: blogger who posted video of underboss Zaruba’s funeral procession gets detained 

Amursk: blogger who posted video of underboss Zaruba’s funeral procession gets detained

Viktor Toroptsev was detained by officers of the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate under the pretext of invalid driver's license. Previously, he reported requests to delete a video showing the coffin of the crime lord being carried by the city prosecutor and head of the Internal Affairs Directorate and threats on the part of the police.

In Amursk, the Khabarovsk region, blogger Viktor Toroptsev has been detained. Earlier, the publication of the video showing the funeral procession of crime lord Yury Zarubin (Zaruba) on social networks caused a scandal.

OVD-Info learned about the detention of Toroptsev by State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate officers under the pretext of invalid driver's license from a local, who asked to keep his name secret due to possible pressure.

According to the OVD-Info’s source, the blogger was taken to the police department, where he would be held until the trial. At the same time, Toroptsev had not received any notice of deprivation of his driver’s license by the police.

The publication’s source also noted that Toroptsev was not the author of the video; he only uploaded it to his Instagram account and weblog referring to the original source, namely the account Raspad i Neuvazhenie on Twitter.

The video of the Amursk underboss’s funeral caused a scandal on the Internet, and the Interior Ministry expressed its intention to seek protection of honor and dignity in court.

However, the scandal was caused not by the video itself, but by the commentary under it, which, according to Toroptsev’s acquaintances, was the cause of pressure from the law enforcement authorities. In particular, it said that the coffin was carried by the head of the local Internal Affairs Directorate and city prosecutor.

According to the MIA, no employees of the department attended the funeral of Zaruba. The Prosecutor's Office representatives said that the prosecutor was in Khabarovsk on that day.

After Toroptsev posted the video, he began to receive threats. Police came to his home and took him for a conversation, asking to remove the video and threatening him with problems.

The funeral of crime lord Yury Zarubin, who died of cancer, was held in Amursk on January 8. Judging by the recording, it was attended by several hundred people, as a result of which traffic was blocked on at least one of the city streets. The woman who recorded the video also noted that employees of the housing and communal services had poured sand over the road along which the funeral procession was to pass.

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